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The Power of One.

Professor Ian Jones,
Obstetrician and Executive Director
Women’s and Newborn Services,
Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

On 19th May 2009 gave this apology acknowledging Forced Adoption Pratices.

 Thank you for meeting with senior members of Women's and Newborn Services at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital on 10 February 2009 and sharing your stories with us about the care you received at the Royal Women's Hospital some time ago. It was very moving and indeed saddening to hear how your experiences have adversely affected your lives, and many other lives that are near and dear to you.
From our frank discussions, we understand that each of you was denied the right to experience the natural relationship between mother and child to care for and to raise your children yourselves, but because of hospital practices were not permitted to do so.
In summary you have described to us how your much wanted babies were taken from you by the practices of the hospital operating at the time and that you feel you were coerced by hospital staff to sign over your babies for adoption.
In this regard we acknowledge the hurt and suffering you have described and sincerely apologise for any ill treatment experienced by you as single women during your pregnancy and confinement at the Royal Women's Hospital.

This apology was the first in Australia to recognise this dark history in Queensland.

Western Australia Parliament recognised the importance of this apology and mentioned its significance in their apology for Forced Adoption Policies and Practices.

When the Queensland Government called for recommendations for our Queensland Apology, ALAS asked for the apology from Professor Ian Jones to be recognised for the significant part it has played in making Australia accountable for its dark history of forced adoption policies and practices. Premier Newman did not do this. With the apology from Professor Ian Jones, the public heard for the first time, that mothers did not “give away” their babies en mass, they were in fact, coerced by many different practices. Queensland has 35,766 known adoptions. We know this figure is much higher but we only have Government records for the period 1945 to 1980. This was researched by Joanne Clarke.
We are pleased to see the word, “illegal” in our written apology. Another first for Queensland. ALAS did asked to have three words included in the written apology, Illegal, Immoral and unethical. The speakers between them said these words but, when the public, both present and future look at our Apology which will hang in Parliament, they will not understand the full impact of Forced Adoptions. It is however recorded in Hansard and we hope schools and universities and the public will take the time to read these speeches from our Politicians.

ALAS will ask the Prime Minister Julia Gillard to see the importance of this first apology as being, “the flame that lit the fire.”
Senator Claire Moore spoke of Professor Ian Jones’s apology in her speech in Canberra at the Recommendations of the Senate Inquiry in 2012.
With 250,000 adoptions in Australia from the early 1940’s, there are over a million people affected.

ALAS would like to thank on behalf of our members, Professor Ian Jones, for the important part he played in addressing our past history. Professor Jones is a compassionate and honourable man and we wish him a long and happy retirement next year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

21st March 2013 date for Federal Apology.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has set a date for a formal apology to those affected by forced adoption practices from the 1950s to the 1970s.
The apology comes after a landmark inquiry by the Federal Senate, which found up to 250,000 babies were forcibly taken from their mothers, who were mostly young and unmarried.
The Federal Government has confirmed Ms Gillard will deliver the apology at Parliament House on March 21 next year.
It says the apology will acknowledge the pain and suffering caused by the practice and is designed to help in the healing process for affected families.
A reference group, including people directly affected by forced adoption, provided advice on the wording of the apology.

The ceremony will be open to victims including mothers and fathers who were forcibly separated from their children, now-adult children who were adopted, affected siblings, and extended family members.
In February the Senate Committee recommended the Government formally apologise for past forced adoption practices, which it described as barbaric and a "horror of our history".
The inquiry, conducted over 18 months, received hundreds of submissions and spoke to dozens of witnesses.
Some claimed they were drugged and restrained before giving adoption consents.
Others said they were given no choice but to surrender their babies for adoption in the face of family and social pressure.
Greens Senator Rachel Siewert chaired the committee and said governments and institutions need to take a more credible approach to former forced adoption practices.
"It is time for governments and institutions involved to accept that such actions were wrong, not merely by today's standards, but by the values and laws of the time," she said.
"Formal apologies must acknowledge this and not equivocate."
Australian states and territories including Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria have already apologised to those affected.
ABC News

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Queensland Parliament Apology

A beautiful tea rose emblem pin was presented to each person who attended.
The tea rose symbolises, "I will remember always."
A nice and thoughtful memento.

Qld Apology 27th November 2012.

                                                    Trish and Marg.
Bunting displays the year of adoption and the number of adoptions for that year .
Total number of "known"Queensland adoptions, 35,766.
The bunting will be on display at Queensland's Parliament House for the next week.

Christmas Party Saturday 1st December 2012.

Our Christmas Party  will be held at;
 The Goldern Ox,
Oxley ave Margate.
11 45am onwards.
We are sorry for the late notice but with the Queensland Apology  for forced Adoptions ,on 27th November we have tried to keep the blog with to date with information as it became available.
Please phone Trish; 0417 077 159 for Bookings.
RSVP; 30st November 2012.
All welcome.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

27th November 2012 how to watch live broadcast.

If you would like to attend the apology, please register your interest by visiting or phoning 1800 647 983 (free call within Queensland).
As seating in the Public Gallery is very limited, guests will also be able to view the apology’s live streaming in a dedicated room in the Parliamentary Annexe.
The apology will be made at 12.30pm AEST and people unable to attend the apology can view a live broadcast online at

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

online invitation to Forced Adoption apology.

There seems to be some confusion about people receiving an invitation which states
1.00pm on it.  I have checked with the Dept and this invitation is for the reception
afterwards, not for the apology (which people will have rsvped to already).
Our thanks to Sue Kelly. (PASQ)


On 23rd August 2012, Premier Newman announced there would be an apology give for Forced Adoption Policies and Practices. Queensland is the last state to offer an apology.
On 9th November 2012, a joint statement by Premier Newman and Minister Tracy Davis announced 27th November 2012 would be the date of the Official State Apology for Forced Adoption Policies and Practices.

With only 12 working days to formulate and plan for this apology, Minister Tracy Davis has had meetings with ALAS and other “Key Stakeholders” to hear how the apology could be framed.
BY cob, 20th November 2012, WITH 5 WORKING DAYS TO GO, ALAS has not had contact from Premier Newman’s office to have a meeting to discuss with us the content of this apology. ALAS has worked very hard to help obtain this historic apology.  
The Queensland Government has allowed 30 minutes to deliver apologies from all sides of the house.
Victoria’s apology lasted approximately 2 hours!
Tuesday 20th November 2012, guests received their online invitations. The time listed on this invitation is, 1pmto 2pm.

The time for the speeches for the apologies in Parliament is 12.30pm and the refreshments is 1pm!

  Anyone who received this invitation will miss all the speeches!

With the short period of time given to all people affected by forced adoption throughout Queensland to organise transport and accommodation to attend this apology we ask;

The number of “known” adoptions for Queensland is, 35,766. This only covers the period from 1945 to 1980.

Apart from the advertisement in the Courier Mail on 10th November 2012, there has been no media coverage  that we know of, of this forthcoming historic event, with the exception of the an article in the North Coast local newspaper and another small article in the Redcliffe and Bayside Herald which gave information on how to attend the apology. The closing date to attend was 19 th November 2012.
We know there will be full media coverage on the day but this will be too late to attend in person.
Will this apology show compassion,honesty and transparency?
 Margaret Oakhill-Hamilton.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Qld Parliament to apologise for forced adoptions

Queensland Parliament to apologise for forced adoptions



The Honourable Campbell Newman

Minister for Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
The Honourable Tracy Davis

Queensland Parliament to apologise for forced adoptions
The Queensland Parliament will issue a formal apology to people affected by past forced adoption policies and practices in Queensland at Parliament House on Tuesday 27 November 2012.
The historic apology will be made by Premier Campbell Newman, on behalf of the Parliament.
Premier Newman said the policies and practices of forced adoptions by successive Governments were wrong and should never have occurred.
“This is an extremely sad chapter in the State’s history, which has had profound and lifelong impacts for many mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and their families,” Mr Newman said.
“While the past can never be changed, I sincerely hope that hearing the apology will help ease some of the pain of people who have been so deeply affected by this experience.”
Minister for Communities Tracy Davis also said the apology would be a significant day for many people.
“I have met with some of those who have been affected by these past policies and practices and it is important that as a community we come together to recognise the trauma and pain they experienced,” Ms Davis said.
“We want to ensure Queenslanders are aware these practices occurred and that they are never repeated.”
If you would like to attend the apology, please register your interest by visiting or phoning 1800 647 983 (free call within Queensland).
As seating in the Public Gallery is very limited, guests will also be able to view the apology’s live streaming in a dedicated room in the Parliamentary Annexe.
The apology will be made at 12.30pm AEST and people unable to attend the apology can view a live broadcast online at or
[ENDS] 9 November 2012
Media Contact: Minister Davis’ office 3235 4280

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Our next meeting will be held at the Seaview Hotel, 65 Pier Ave Shorncliffe.

Please attend this special meeting to discuss final preparations for our Queensland Forced Adoption Apology.
All welcome.
Time; 11:45am till 4 :30pm
Please confirm your attendance by 9th November.
Phone Trish; 0417 077 159.
or by Email;

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Share your adoption experience with ABC Open.

The Victorian Parliament will officially apologise over past forced adoptions today. This photo gallery shows the human face of these policies and practices. It recognises the individual experiences of people who've been separated, and gives the Australian community a chance to share their stories.>more
From the ABC site.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tasmanian Apology 18th October 2012.

Sent by Apology Alliance.
Here is the link to the site – the apology will be broadcast 11am – 1pm tomorrow. I’ll send you the apology text and Premier’s speech as soon as I can.

Thanks very much for your help I really appreciate it.

Thanks Chris. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Lost Souls DVD.

Subject: TLS DVD

 If you wish to receive a copy of The Lost Souls DVD, please register your interest
by return email. Please state how many copies you might require. The cost will be
$5.00aud + Postage. Release date and how to order to be advised. Thanks.

  Heather Waters


  The Lost Souls

  0432 040 034


ABC Open invites you to share your story with the ABC

You’re invited to share a part of your story which tells the audience something about what happened to you, and the effect on your life.

It could be about the moment of separation, or the impact on your everyday life since.

Please avoid using real names (such as of doctors or social workers) if there is a risk of defamation.

We’d like to limit the stories to up to 300 words.

Each story is accompanied by a photo of your choice. It could be a personal photo of you in the past or present, or it could be a more abstract photo. (a heart, rosemary for remembrance, etc)

The photo needs to be a digital photo file, like a .jpeg.
If it’s a printed photo, you could scan it or take a photo of it with a digital camera.

The Separated project will display on the ABC Open website from October 11 onwards.

1.     on the computer, write down the experience you’d like to share

2.     look for a photo to go with the story

3.      go to the ABC Open website and register. (the link is in the top right corner). You need an email address to register. Make a note of your password.

4.      Go to the ABC Open website and login with your email and password.

5.     Go to Projects > Separated > Get involved.

6.     Copy and paste your story in, (CHECK) and upload your photo.

7.   Hit SUBMIT

8.    After being moderated (checked), your story will display on the ABC Open website.

ABC Open Producer Jane Curtis can help with any questions you might have, big or small.

Please email her or call (03) 5440 1739 or 0428 116 294.

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Queensland Forced Adoption Apology

This is a letter written by a mother.

As I sat down to write a response regarding the apology for past "forced adoptions," it was very distressing to see the links at the top of the screen.  There were referral links for pro-adoptions; "parents considering adoption for their child."  They are advertisements for adoption and are inappropriate in this format.  I felt a suffocating stab to my heart as I read the adoption referral link and then searched for the forced adoptions link.  The inclusion of a pro-adoption referral link is yet another indication that this request for feedback is devoid of any connection to the reality of the lifelong trauma and grief that has been caused to mothers whose newborn children were stolen for adoption.  The forced adoption link was found in the middle of the screen as if it was of little importance to the department and will probably discourage many grieving mothers and their children from making submissions.  Pro-adoption referral links serve to re-traumatize victims of unlawful adoption practices.

Queeensland Government website.
See our website for more information about the government’s apology for past forced adoptions, including the background to the apology and frequently asked questions.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Queensland Apology.

In Queensland, we are waiting to hear what the Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman will include in his apology.  We believe this apology will be delivered at the end of November.
 From the Senate Inquiry,the recommendations which would assist with the development of an apology are as follows;

(3) The committee recommends that state and teritory governments,( this if focused on governments),that administered adoptions should issue formal statements of apology that acknowledges that were illegal or unethical, as well as other practices that contributed to the harm suffered by many parents whose children were forcibly removed and by the children who were separated from their parents.

(5)The committee recommends that official apologies should include statements that take responsibility for past policy choices made by institutions' leaders and staff, and not be qualified by reference to values or professional practices during the period in question.

ALAS would like  this to be a genuine, comapssionate  and heartfelt apology given by Premier Newman the words which should be include, immoral, illegal policies and practices, unethical policies and practices.

The damage and trauma caused to mothers and adoptees is a life sentence.

We know fathers and other family  members were affected too, but it started with  separation at birth by cruel and inhumane treatment given to mother and baby.

In Queensland there were over 35,000 adoptions!

Premier Newman needs to give an apology which surpasses previous governments apologies. We do no want our apology to be, JUST ANOTHER APOLOGY, we want and demand it to be, an honest and sincere apology and the best apology ever.

        Please Premier Campbell Newman, show us you care.

Closing date to have your say is 11th October 2012.

Mail: Adoption Apology
GPO Box 806

Phone: 1800 647 983 to have your comments noted
(free call within Queensland)

All feedback will be treated as private and confidential. Feedback can be lodged anonymously.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Meeting for 6th October has been cancelled

Due to the stress and trauma caused by the meeting with Minister Tracy Davis to discuss the content of an apology for torced adoption on 3rd October, our ALAS meeting has been cancelled.
Minister Tracy Davis asked along adoptive parent, Mary Cullar to the discussion wothout informing mothers and adoptees who this person was.
Once again, the Department of Child Safety has again treated mothers and adoptees with no respect and with total a betrayal of trust.
Minister Davis did not inform us that this adoptive mother was going to be present.
It would not have been acceptable!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Special Reference Group for National Apology

 the national apology is a key recommendation of the Senate Committee Report into the Commonwealth Contribution to Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices (the Report) released on 29 February 2012, and will be delivered on behalf of the nation as a significant step in the healing process of those affected. I would like to assure you that the views and experiences of those affected by past adoption practices, like yourself, will be closely considered in the development of the national apology.

A special Reference Group has been established to help develop the timing and nature of the apology. The Group comprises Parliamentarians and representatives of those affected by the adoption practices, including three mothers, a father and two adoptees. The Reference Group held meetings on 16 August and 19 September 2012. Your concerns and suggestions will also be passed onto the Chair of the Reference Group for the Group’s consideration at future meetings.

In your email you make particular mention of birth certificates and certificates of registration. One of the key recommendations from the Senate Committee Report is that “all jurisdictions adopt integrated birth certificates, that these be issued to eligible people upon request, and that they be legal proof of identity of equal status to other birth certificates, and jurisdictions investigate harmonisation of births, deaths and marriages register access and the facilitation of a single national access point to those registers”. The Government is considering this recommendation along with the Report’s other recommendation and will provide a full response to the Report in early 2013.

Further information on the composition and work of the Reference Group, as well as the Government’s response to the Report, is available on our website. If you would like to be kept informed about the Government’s development of the apology please email to be added to the mailing list


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Next Meeting 6th October 2012

Our next meeting will be held on 6th October 2012.
It will be hed at Seaview Hotel at Sandgate.
Starting at; 11 45am onwards.
Please ring Trish for more details. Mob;0417 077 159

Friday, September 21, 2012

Letter from Diocese of Brisbane


120831 Pastoral Letter - Diocese of Brisbane ... - Gold Coast North
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
31 Aug 2012 – those who resisted the expectation to have their babies adopted were ... occurred at St Mary's Home at Toowong and the Church of England ...

New South Wales apology 20/9/2012.From Parliament

These are the links from Parliament of New south Wales.

September 20, 2012

19 September 2012
The Salvation Army Apologises to People Affected by Forced Adoption
The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory (NSW, Qld & ACT) would like to offer its most
sincere apology to the many mothers, fathers, and babies who are now adults, for the role we played in the policy of forced adoptions in the past and the continuing impact this policy may have had on the lives of those affected.
We are aware forced adoption practices did occur previously, in homes and hospitals operated by The Salvation Army in NSW and Qld, to mothers and babies in our care during this period and we are sensitive to the huge impact on many lives that societal and organisational policies and practices in adoption have had.
The Salvation Army will continue to work with mothers, children and the federal and state governments as we seek to resolve the long term consequences of Australia’s former adoption policies.
The Salvation Army has been working with adoption support groups and individuals to address issues relating to these policies and practices with the aim of bringing closure and healing for what has been a traumatic life experience.
The Salvation Army also offers, and has offered for some time, a Family Tracing Service. This service is available to individuals who were adopted or relinquished a child for adoption, in NSW (Special Search Services), in Queensland (Post Adoption Services) and the Australian Capital Territory.
The Salvation Army encourages any individuals who wish to discuss their experience to contact
us on the following numbers:
Please call 1300 136 501 or email: (NSW, QLD & ACT). People in
other areas of Australia please call (03) 8878 4765.
Media contact:
The Salvation Army Media Office, (02) 9266 9820 (diverts after hours)
Communications and Public Relations Department
140 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (PO Box A229, Sydney South NSW 1232)
T 02 9266 9820 F 02 9266 9600

Salvation ArmyAustralia eastern Territory Apology to people affected by Forced Adoption.

I have just received a call from the President of ALAS - Trish Large - regarding another historical apology.

A week ago I congratulated the mothers of ALAS for their achievement of gaining an apology from the Anglican Church. After several years of hard work they have achieved yet another apology - this time from the Salvation Army. No small feat. The apology will be put up on the Salvation Army National Website to ALAS - possibly tomorrow -

ALAS called for a national apology on behalf of mothers across Australia - for the Salvos to apologise for their involvement in the brutal separation of mothers from their newborns.

What an inspirational and historic achievement - the Salvation Army being a world wide organisation - it is expected their apology will receive world wide attention. ALAS is a member organisation of the Alliance and we are so proud of their achievements and it is a great honour to have them as part of our umbrella organisation of independent groups across Australia working together to achieve recognition and validations via apologies from all those involved in the forced removals or our infants for the purpose of adoption.

kind regards

Chris Cole


Apology Alliance Australia

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Have your say!

The Queensland Government will soon make a statement of apology in parliament to those affected by past forced adoption practices.

These forced adoption practices had long-term impacts for many mothers, fathers, children and extended families.

While the past cannot be changed, the Queensland Government hopes that an apology will help ease some of the pain felt by people affected by past practices and help facilitate the healing process.

Have your say

The Queensland Government wants to hear from all interested individuals and organisations about how the apology should be framed.

Comments and suggestions will be received up until close of business on Thursday 11 October 2012.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could also forward this email to other interested people.

Comments can be submitted:


Mail: Adoption Apology
GPO Box 806

Phone: 1800 647 983 to have your comments noted
(free call within Queensland)

All feedback will be treated as private and confidential. Feedback can be lodged anonymously.

More information

See our website for more information about the government’s apology for past forced adoptions, including the background to the apology and frequently asked questions.

NSW Government Will Issue Apology

Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward, announced NSW Government will issue an official apology for past forced adoption practices on Thursday 20th September at 10 30 am in  Legislative Assembly of NSW Parliament.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our next meeting 15th September 2012

Our next meeting will be a southside meeting.
It will be held at the  East Leagues Club.
40 Main Ave. Cooparoo.
12 O 'clock onwards.
Contact Trish;0417 077 159 for more details.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Child Protection Inquiry.

> Dear Member Agencies and Supporters
> Professor Clare Tilbury has requested that PeakCare distribute the following statement prepared by her in response to an article that appeared in the Courier Mail on Wednesday 29th July 2012.
> “I am very concerned about yesterday's article in the Courier Mail reporting on the evidence I gave at the Child Protection Inquiry. The headline and part of the article indicates that I support forced adoption. I certainly do not support forced adoption, and I did not make any such statement. The article misrepresents my views and I consider it damaging to my professional reputation. I have requested that the paper publish a correction.”
> It would be greatly appreciated if Professor Tilbury’s statement could be widely distributed throughout your organisation and networks.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New South Wales Apology.


Forced adoption victims to hear 'sorry' - NSW

15:51 AEST Tue Sep 4 201

Mothers who had their children taken from them under forced adoption policies are being encouraged to attend NSW parliament later this month to hear an official apology.

Premier Barry O'Farrell flagged the government's intention to apologise in August and his Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward announced on Tuesday that the government would say sorry in both Houses of Parliament on September 20.

Ms Goward urged mothers, fathers and people who were victims of forced adoption as children to attend parliament and begin the "healing journey".

"We want as many people as possible who continue to feel pain and distress as a result of past adoption practices to witness the apology," Ms Goward said in a statement.

"While it won't undo the wrongs of the past, an apology will offer an acknowledgement of the role of NSW governments in practices that we now recognise as wrong."

Anyone wanting to attend should register their interest by telephoning 1800 003 227 or visiting

Register your interest to attend formal apology for forced adoption practices

The NSW Government will make a formal apology for forced adoption practices which occurred
in New South Wales.

The report of the Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry into the Commonwealth contribution to former adoption policies and practices highlighted the devastating impact of forced adoption practices on many young women and their babies in earlier decades. Adoption in NSW has changed radically since the early 1970s, but this does not lessen the pain for those who were not given the care and support they deserved.

The apology will take place at
Parliament House, located in Macquarie Street, Sydney on Thursday 20 September 2012 at 10.30am.
It will be offered to the mothers, those who were adopted as children, fathers and the families in New South Wales who suffered from the harmful practices of the past.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Child Protection commission of Inquiry

Case examples to illustrate issues presented in submissions to the Child
Protection Commission of Inquiry

Dear Member Agencies and Supporters
For those of you who have been able to watch live streaming of the public hearings
of the Child Protection Commission of Inquiry or read transcripts of the hearings,
you will have realised the importance of being able to substantiate and illustrate
issues that are being raised by witnesses.
It will be similarly important to provide information that can substantiate and
illustrate matters addressed with written submissions to the Inquiry.
To this end, PeakCare has invited our Member Agencies and Supporters to submit ‘case
examples’ that demonstrate aspects of the child protection system that are
problematic as well as those that are working well.  The intention in collecting
these case examples is to make use of them to explore and support arguments that
will feature within PeakCare’s submissions to the Inquiry as well as inform the
discussions of the Commissioner’s Advisory Group of which I am a member.
Throughout the course of the Inquiry, PeakCare will be attempting to faithfully and
accurately represent issues of concern held by our Member Agencies and Supporters.
Our capacity to do so well however will be enormously influenced by the amount and
quality of the information you are prepared and able to provide to us.
Anecdotal reports and discussions with PeakCare staff will not cut it!
As previously advised, PeakCare has made available a proforma for documenting
de-identified case examples. This proforma appears in both ‘electronic’ and ‘word’
formats within the Members Only section of our web-site.  The ‘word version’ is also
attached to this email.
To date, only a small number of documented case examples have been received. Thank
you to those organisations that have already submitted their case examples to us.
I am aware that within some organisations, focus groups and similar exercises are
being undertaken to collect and document case examples.  This seems to be a very
useful approach in ensuring that a wide cross-section of staff members, carers,
children, parents and others are able to add their voices to the issues being
addressed by the Inquiry. We very much look forward to receiving the products of
these exercises.
It is appreciated that, within your own organisations, you may be making use of case
examples to support your own submissions to the Inquiry.  Whilst this will be
useful, it is suggested that the supply of case examples to PeakCare will assist in
the presentation of sector-wide viewpoints and opinions that can, in a powerful way,
complement and reinforce the arguments put forward by individual organisations.  As
your peak body, PeakCare is well placed to promote issues that are of sector-wide
importance, but we need your help to do so.
You are urged therefore to take advantage of the opportunity being provided to allow
your case examples to both inform and illustrate PeakCare’s submission to the
Inquiry.  Please forward your documented case examples to<> as soon as you are able.
Yours sincerely
Gary Roberts
Office Manager

For and on behalf of

Lindsay Wegener
Executive Director
P:  07 3368 1050
F: 07 3368 1160
17 Ross Street (PO Box 159)
Paddington QLD 4064<>  [Description: Description: FB
Icon] <>
[Description: Description: Blog Icon] <>
[Description: cid:image009.png@01CD2F84.3AA9AF80]
We are committed to reconciliation through listening to, acknowledging, respecting,
understanding, consulting and partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
stakeholders, to build and maintain strong families and communities

The Most Rev. Dr. Phillip Aspinall's Apology for forced Adoption

Anglican Diocese of Brisbane

Apology to survivors of historic forced adoption practices and policies

The Senate inquiry into the ‘Commonwealth Contribution to Former Forced

Adoption Policies and Practices’ gathered many accounts of mothers, babies, now

adults, and other family members who courageously described their experiences of

forced adoption. Some of these involved Anglican homes and agencies.

The Anglican Diocese of Brisbane sincerely apologises to the mothers, fathers and

babies, now adults, who have experienced hurt, distress and harm as a result of past

forced adoption practices in homes which operated in the name of the Church. We

are aware that these practices occurred at St Mary’s Home at Toowong and the

Church of England Women’s Refuge in Spring Hill.

The inquiry heard that mothers’ consent to have their babies taken for adoption was

often coerced and, in some cases, was not obtained at all. Often fathers were

excluded completely from this process. It heard that mothers were denied access to

information about their babies, including birth records and information about their

child’s survival or well-being. Those adopted babies have often not had access to

accurate records of their birth and parentage.

With deep sadness and regret, this Diocese acknowledges that mothers suffered

emotional trauma and abuse in these adoption processes. We apologise that they

were subjected to shame, isolation and humiliation while in the care of homes

operated by the Anglican Church. The Church acknowledges that the resulting grief

and loss for both parents and children is ongoing and significant.

We deeply regret that they were not always provided the care, information,

protection and support which these mothers, fathers and children should have

received. We apologise for those failings.

We now constantly review our practices to extend the best possible care and

protection to all whom we serve. We continue to assist those who suffered harm

while in our care in the past. We encourage and support families to thrive and

flourish together.

The Church is committed to providing appropriate assistance, counselling and

support to those who have suffered as a result of its involvement in past forced


Those affected by forced adoptions are encouraged to contact the Brisbane

Diocese’s Director of Professional Standards, Ms Sheleagh White, by phoning

38352266 or emailing

Dated: 31 August 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

With the Apology from Archbishop Aspinall the Protest March has been Cancelled

Our thanks to all who were willing to join our protest march for an apology.
We have put the apology on our blog. ALAS and it's members are delighted with this apology and the wording used. It showed sensitivity to our adoption experiences.
Our thanks to the current and past Directors of Professional Standards for listening to our plight over the past 3 years resulting with this apology.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The prospect of "parendectomy" - denying parents rights over their own child - has been raised several times in the $6 million probe due to make formal recommendations to the Newman Government by April.

How serious and genuine is a Queensland Liberal Party apology given be Premier Campbell Newman?   

Are we watching history repeat its self!
Decades of mothers were told they were incompedent resulting in forced adoption.
Babies should not be taken from their parents to "bond" with others.
History has shown us that this does not work.

Last week Premier Newman announced in Parliament, he would apologise to all people seperated by forced adoption in Queensland.
                                           One week later!
Now $6million is being spent on"parendectomy" - denying parents rights over their own child.


Child Protection Inquiry told that forced adoption of at-risk children should become 'an option  

Professor Clare Tilbury, a senior lecturer in the School of Human Services and Social Work at Griffith University, is the second professional to give qualified support to the proposal, which is already official public policy in several western countries.
Professor Tilbury agreed there was evidence that an early adoption allowed children to form an attachment to a responsible adult - a critical process for healthy emotional development.
But taking children off incompetent parents should not be the first option, she said.
"I think the consensus (among professionals) is that it should be an option, but it should not be the preferred option."
Professor Tilbury also warned adoption could simply be seen by the state as a way of saving money.
"I think it would be fair to say one of the reasons for adoption for law makers is they see it as a more cost effective option than long term care," she told the inquiry.
The prospect of "parendectomy" - denying parents rights over their own child - has been raised several times in the $6 million probe due to make formal recommendations to the Newman Government by April.
Legislation allowing officials to take children off incompetent parents and giving them up for adoption is already in place in Canada, England and the United States.
The process in some countries varies from traditional adoption in that the natural parents may still play a role in the child's life.
Corelle Davies, Brisbane-based Child Safety director, Queensland Health, said last week the idea of "stably placing and potentially adopting out younger children" appeared to be the most compassionate way of treating babies of teenage youths with no hope of being responsible parents.
Commissioner Tim Carmody has repeatedly made comments on forced adoptions during the inquiry, which has been taking evidence for more than two weeks.
"I think the consensus in the US is you either fix the families quickly or find new ones," Mr Carmody said this morning.
Ian Hanger, representing the Crown, said in some countries dysfunctional parents were given a window of opportunity to prove themselves.
"In England they give you two years to get your act together," he said.
Mr Hanger who cross examined Professor Tilbury this morning asked if she accepted there were some dysfunctional Queensland families who were never going to change their ways.
"Yes, absolutely," Professor Tilbury replied.
But Professor Tilbury said it was also "arguable" that if more and better targetted funding was provided families might more rapidly improve after the first or second notification of trouble.
"It is equally arguable that you are working with hopeless parents," Mr Hanger said.
"I would not characterise the parents as hopeless," Professor Tilbury replied.
The inquiry continues.
Courier Mail Brisbane 29/8/2012
Article by Michael Madigan.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Victoria Will Apologise for Forced Adoptions.

The Victorian apology will be made on October 25 in what is expected to be a joint sitting of the parliament.

Tasmania will Apologise for Forced Adoption.

The Tasmanian Parliament has set October 18th as the date for giving its formal
apology to the victims of forced adoptions in past decades.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apology for Forced Adoption in Queensland

That just leaves the Northern Territory ...

Premier Cambell Newman announced in Parliament this Morning, Thursday 23rd August, Queensland will Apologise for Forced Adoption Practices.

This morning in Queensland, Premier Campbell Newman announced that Queensland would apologise for Forced Adoption practices.
The date has not been announced but will be given in the House.
Congratulations to Everyone. It will be indeed a day of celebration!!!!!
Brisbane Times have Premier Newman's speech on line now. Thursday 1.30pm

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mothers Who Were in Church Of England Unmarried Mother's Homes In Queensland. We would Like To Hear From You.

Mother's who were in Church of England Unmarried Mothers Homes in Queensland  believe we deserve an apology.
You can  make your request directly to the Director of Professional Standards, Brisbane , ph 3835 2266.

We are organising a protest march at St John's Cathedral, Brisbane and we need your support. Contact Trish or Marg  on 0417 077 159 ; 0402 336 480 if you can join us.

You would be welcome to march with us if you are from any church homes.

The illegal treatment and bullying mothers received while in these church homes need to be addressed.

It seems that each Diocese responsibility to issue their own apology and have to be approached individually.

New South Wales Is Joining The Other States With An Apology For Forced Adoption Policies And Practices, Why Not Queensland?

In Queensland we have listened to all the other States of Australia apologise to mothers, fathers ,babies,(now Adults) and the extended families for the traumatic and illegal  policies and practices of forced adoption.
In May 2009, Queensland's Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital was the first apology in Australia and we believe the world to acknowledge the trauma caused by their adoption practices.
Since then the Queensland Government has done nothing!

ALAS has spent many years working with the then Minister for Child Safety, Phil Reeves towards an apology with an  outcome that Premier Anna Bligh would give Queensland an apology after the results of the Senate Inquiry.

 With the change of government, ALAS approached the  Minister for Child Safety, Hon. Tracy Davis about an apology and she knew very little of the Senate Inquiry or the recommendations from this inquiry.

This morning we phoned the Premiers office, The Attorney General's office in regards to a Queensland Apology and were told that it wasn't their department that we had to speak to the minister for Child Safety, Tracy Davis.

In other words, we are getting the "run around again".

If you want to see a Queensland Apology please contact the Minister for Child Safety, Hon. Tracy Davis. Ph. 07 3235 4280 .
It is a disgrace that Queensland does not show the same respect to all the people affected by adoption as the other States have done.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Forced Adoption Apology

Minister for Emergency Management
17 August 2012
People directly affected by forced adoption practices are being asked for their views on what the national apology should say through the Australian Government’s Forced Adoption Apology Reference Group.
The first meeting of the Reference Group took place yesterday in Parliament House and was chaired by Hon Nahum Mushin, former Family Court Judge and Adjunct Professor of Law at Monash University.
“It’s important that the people who have been directly affected by forced adoption have the opportunity to have their say about the apology,” said Attorney-General Nicola Roxon.
“I can’t even begin to imagine what these mothers, fathers and their now adult children have endured, but what I can do is provide an opportunity for them to have a say in how the Government frames the apology.”
The Attorney-General attended the first meeting of the Reference Group today, with the Group including individuals affected by forced adoptions along with members of Parliament.
“I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Reference Group, along with many others affected, whose brave contributions to this matter have raised the attention of a nation.”
Suggestions for the development of the apology can be made to the Reference Group by emailing
For all media enquiries, please contact the Attorney-General’s Office on 02 6277 7300 or 0409 945 476
Apology Reference Group members
Professor Nahum Mushin
Chair of Reference Group
Senator Rachel Siewert
Chair of the Community Affairs References Committee on the Commonwealth Contribution to Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices
Senator Claire Moore
Deputy Chair of the Community Affairs References Committee on the Commonwealth Contribution to Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices
Senator Sue Boyce
Member of the Community Affairs References Committee on the Commonwealth Contribution to Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices
Mr Graham Perrett MP
Chair of the Social Policy & Legal Affairs Committee
Elizabeth Brew
Committee member of Origins Inc., Mother.
Christine Cole
Convenor of Apology Alliance, Mother
Kathryn Rendell
National Council of Single Mothers and their Children, Mother
Leigh Hubbard
Chair of Vanish Inc., Adoptee.
Gary Coles
Father, who has written extensively about the impact of adoption on fathers
Paul Howes
National Secretary of the Australian Workers' Union, Adoptee