Thursday, August 30, 2018

                                                       The next Alas meeting has been postponed

                                                        It is now going to be the 29th Sept

                                                        still at East Leagues Club.
                                                       Main Ave, Coorparoo.
                                                         12 pm  til abut 3.30 pm.
                                                     This will be renewal of  membership,

                                                    which is still only $20.

                                                We are a non for profit charity group

                                                we rely on membership fees to keep us going,

                                               that is why we ask everyone to pay
                                                for their own meals & drinks
                                       for more information please phone 0417077159
                                                   I  am truly  Sorry i made a huge mistake
                                                    when i put the photos
                                              of the Royal Brisbane  plaque opening 
                                      i did not realize that Loraine is  hidden in all the photos
                                       it was not my intentions to exclude anyone.
                                       if anyone has photos where  Lorraine & myself
                                      are face on please contact me 0417077159
                                       thank you.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Forced Adoption Plaque Opening 27/07/18

Photos of the opening

This was a historical day at the RWBH opening of the plaque was a great celebration