Monday, December 1, 2014

Thank you, to every one who came to the unveiling of the Forced Adoption Apology Plaque at Roma

Street Parklands, the day was really good the storms held off til most of us were home, the

refreshments were nice, Thank you Rhonda for the lovely photos you took on my camera i will try &

get them developed before Saturday's lunch.The Roses looked good planted at the head of the Plaque,

 when they are blooming it will be worthwhile having a picnic / meeting there.                                    

                                  CHRISTMAS     LUNCH      THIS     SATURDAY   6 / 12 / 2014

                         Christmas Lunch  The  OX,   Oxley Ave,   Margate, 11 /45 am.

Please wear Christmas Colors, Bright Happy Faces,lets celebrate what we've achieved in this last year.

So far we glitter, &  bon bon's, & chocolates, if you have any other ideas for making our table look

 more decorated, please phone me. We will do the usual   exchanging of cards,                                          
as usual everyone Pays for their own Food & Drinks

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Invitation to the unveiling of plaque for Queensland Apology for Forced Adoptions by Hon Tracy Davis

Click to enlarge

On 27th November 2012, Premier Campbell Newman, on behalf of the Queensland Government, delivered an Apology to survivors and their families of former Forced Adoption policies and practices. In recognition of the long-term impact on the lives and families of thousands of Queenslanders, there will be an unveiling of a commemorative plaque by the Honourable Tracy Davis, to mark the Apology's second anniversary, at the Memorial Corner at the Roma Street Parklands.

When: Thursday 27 November 2014
Time: 12.45 pm
Where: Memorial Corner, Roma Street Parklands

Please RSVP Monday 17 November
Via email:
Or call (07) 3358 6666

We look forward to sharing this special occasion with you.
The QLD Post Adoption Working Committee

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hi everyone tonight on ABC @ 8 pm Australian Story is the rest of the  Jan Russ story,must see show.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday October 7 th @ 12 pm, Four Mile Creek Hotel. Strathpine,

opposite the Westfield Shopping Center Gympie Road, Srathpine.

For further details please contact Trish 0417077159.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

                                   A L A S  Aus  Inc

Our next meeting will be Tuesday 16th of September at the Commix Red Cross Cafe in Adelaide

Street, Brisbane City, at 11-30 / 2-30, it is VITAL i know the number of people attending as this cafe

gets very busy at lunch time, many meals are about the $10-00 price range.

All membership payments now due.

The  Queensland   Government  Adoption  Apology   2 nd Anniversary.

On Thursday  the 27 th of  November  2014  at The Roma Street, Parkland  there will be an unveiling
                              of a

Monument with a copy of  The Queensland Government Adoption Apology and a Tea Rose engraved

 in Brass, also a  Beautiful  Pink Rose  will be planted.

This has come into fruition with lots of hard work and dedication from The Adoption Apology

Working  Committee.

This Idea originally came from the ALAS  Committee, who worked to forming The Adoption

Apology Working Committee,who lobbied the Queensland Government to give us a place where we

could go and reflect ,The Government  Acknowledging Former Forced Adoptions.

Looking forward to this great  day,after many years of hard work by so many people, to get the Queensland   Governments  Adoption  Apology, we at ALAS hope as many people affected by Adoption  can come along.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ladies after lodging submissions against these adoption law  changes to go ahead,  the men in parliament ignored us, they have not heeded the warnings  of the past ADOPTION wrongs!. Will they apologise to the overseas families whose children end up being adopted by Australian couples.  How long will it be before we have another GENERATION  of    OVERSEAS   STOLEN   BABIES OR CHILDREN? To  satisfy the  Australian  BABY   MARKET.!  Infertile couples do not have the right to expect to take another woman's child causing post traumatic stress disorder.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby Industry

a mother found this article, pleases read & e-mail Tony Abbott if you  agree lets stop this.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hi every one our next meeting is Tuesday 12 th August at Cleveland Sands Hotel, Cnr Middle & Bloomfield Streets,Cleveland ,@ 12 pm. Membership fee $20.00,are now due, ALAS is a non for profit charity group, we rely on membership fees to keep our group afloat.All people attending are responsible for paying for  their own food & drinks. Much is happening in the ADOPTION world which we all need to be actively involved in, once these new proposals  are in law it will be to late,we will be taken back to the sixties.  Are you a MOTHER who had  a baby at Bootheville  Brisbane, Queensland please contact me 0417077159 or attend this meeting.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

next meeting

Hi everyone, our next meeting is Tuesday 15 th July at 11.30am, The Four Mile Creek Hotel, Strathpine opposite the Westfield Shopping center. this is our AGM, and membership fees are due, only fully paid members can nominate for the committee positions,or vote for nominees,for more information please phone Trish 0417077159, let me know if you are attending.Many other thing are happening in the adoption  world i will tell you at the meeting.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The next  ALAS meeting is Tuesday 17 th June,  at 11 am, at a private  home, for more details please  phone  the numbers below, please bring a plate & a $2.00 coin  donation, non members $5.00 donation  please.we are a non for profit - charity group.Who rely on membership fees & donations to keep the group going.                If you have been touched by adoption & need a safe place  to talk to other mothers & females adoptees, who have been through a similar situation call me on 0417077159. or 33975119. We are a friendly  understanding group of women,   feel  free to bring a female support person with you, Note we are trialing a weekday for meetings, as so many mothers help with grand children on Saturdays, any ideas of different places to try please call me or send an e-mail..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The 8- 10 June it will be 5 years since we trailblazers went on national television, to receive that all to famous ADOPTION APOLOGY from Professor Ian JONES, little did we know that the PAST  ADOPTION  PRACTICES  & POLICIES would finally be exposed, we were believed by so many politicians who backed us up for the SENATE INQUIRY, which has gone down in history, as being instrumental in THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS FORCED ADOPTION APOLOGY on 21 st of march 2013, we have campaigned for that DAY to stay our ADOPTION  REMEMBRANCE DAY, we still need to LOBBY all  POLITICIANS, TONY ABBOTT want's to give our day away  to the afghan veterans, there were no major battles on that day, so they don't want it & are backing us up.                                                                 21 st March is anti bullying day [we were all bullied into surrendering  our babies by the bullying tactics used against us].  Harmony day is also relevant to us we should all be reunited & left to live in peace & quiet.      To do this we should band together & fight for COMPENSATION, starting at $500.000.00,if enough of us fight for this, then maybe this GOVERNMENT would think twice about its proposed new  ADOPTION LAWS, people in high places& prime ministers should not be ALLOWED to return to the past    taking of the children from  poor families which the government have made poor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
The 5 th anniversary of The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital  lunch last Tuesday was successful ,many laughs, lots of chattering, a good time was had by all who attended.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

ALAS MEMBERS send our deepest sympathy to Margaret & her family on the loss of her son Michael, our thoughts & prayers are with you all at this sad time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

OUR NEXT MEETING, Tuesday 20th May 2014.

Our next meeting will be held at;

Warner Tavern,
2 Everest St Warner.
Time; 11 45 am onwards.
For more details please contact;
Trish; 0417 077 159.
 $10.00 lunch menu available.
Booking required.

AGM and Annual  membership $20.00 fees due  15th July 2014.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Thank you for the support.

I started writing this blog in 2009 to help work towards having the truth told for the Inquiry and both State and Federal apologies for Forced Adoption.

In 2012, the Queensland Parliament gave their apology and stated that practices used for forced adoption was Illegal. This is the only State to have that word illegal included in their apology.

On 21st March 2013, Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave a heartfelt apology for forced adoption. I have been privileged to have been able to attend both of these special days.
Nine months later and even before the 1st anniversary of the Federal apology, Tony Abbott has announced that he will make adoption easier in our country.

My heart goes out to the future mothers who will lose their children, and to the children who will lose their families and heritage to adoption.

In 20 years time, mothers and their lost children will again have to fight for their rights.
Why do adoptive parents never consider that children were born to their own parents and not found under a cabbage, and that their loss is greater than their desire to call someone else’s child theirs?

With over 94,000 people who have read this blog, I would like to say thank you for all your support.
I am a mother who had a son taken by forced adoption and, through this blog, gave me a voice to fight for acknowledgement to have the truth of what happened to mothers and children in this country heard both here and around the world.

It is now time for me to hand this over to concentrate on my family which has been sadly neglected over the years.
My thanks to Claire Hamilton for helping me set up this blog and gave me the skills to maintain it.

This is my last post for the blog.  It is now time for me to say goodbye and again, a big thank you.I am sure I am leaving it in good hands.

 Margaret Oakhill-Hamilton

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Remembrance Day Celebration of National Apology for Forced Adoptions

ALAS members Lunch,
 at Seaview with Hon. Yvette DE Ath and Doug Stewart, (Senator Claire Moore's Representative.)

 Senator Sue Boyce while heading overseas, wore our ribbon in remembrance of the National Apology for Forced Adoptions on the first anniversary 21st March 2014.
We are thrilled at the number of ribbons that were worn on this special day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March in March Brisbane,

This is a photo of the protesters. There must have been over 10,000 who marched. While many had their agendas ours was simple
.Glenda, Marg and Trish were there. Our posters read, TAKE OUR REMEMBRANCE DAY, NOT IN MY NAME MR ABBOTT.We had the emblem from the National Apology for Forced Adoptions 21st March 2013. For all who are unaware, Tony Abhbott has given this date to the Afghanistan Veterans. We have been in contact with the Veterans and they did not know that this was a special day for people affected by forced adoptions. We are in communication with the Veterans. Tony Abbott, seems to have forgotten that, along with Julia Gillard's apology he also apologised, and even before the 1st anniversary of the apology he has forgotten us.
We were suprised how many people stopped us to find out what our signs meant and we had our photos taken many times.
Although it was an extremely hot day we marched from Queens Park, along George Street, down Adelaide to Edward and then walked up beside the gardens to Parliament House. There we re-grouped for the march back along George street to the park. The march was well organised and ran without incident. We were suprised how little coverage the march was given by all the media.
 Very disappointing effort considering the march was held in all capital cities along with many other large towns.!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1st Anniversary Rememberance Day of Forced Adoption Apology.

On Friday 21st March 2014, we will remember the1st anniversary of the Apology for Forced Adoptions given by the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott at a lunch at Seaview Hotel, Pier St Shorncliffe.
There is a $10 lunch menu available.
( Sorry you will have to pay for yourselvesas no funding available for us),
Time; 11 30am onwards.
Bookings are essential.
Please phone Trish; 0417 077 159.
RSVP; by Wednesday 19th March.

We would like to see as many as possible to remember those who are no longer with us and to celebrate the huge effort by all to achieve this apology.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our next Meeting Saturday 8th March.

We are sorry for the late notice.
Our next meeting  will be this Saturday 8th March.
It will be held at Four Mile Creek Hotel (opp Strathpine Shopping Centre)
Time11 45am onwards.
There will be much to discuss about the new changes to the child safety laws. While they "appear" to be good in theory, the new laws will still have to refer to the old adoption laws. Adoption will still have secrecy of records being closed and allowing for the child's name to be changed therefore eliminating the child' identity.
 ALAS would like to hold a Rememberance Day Lunch for the coming  1st anniversary of the National Apology for Forced Adoptions, 21st March 2014. This will be discussed also.
All welcome.

Benevolent Society Invitation.

National Apology for Forced Adoption 1st Anniversary. 21st March 2014.
Benevolent Society's Post Adoption Support Qld, (PASQ) invite you to join us for a morning tea at the Benevolent Society Head Office.
Where; Benevolent society, 9 Wilson St., West End Qld 4101.
When; Friday 21st March 2014
Time; 10 30- 1230 noon.Light morning tea provided.
RSVP; Friday 14th March
07 3170 4600 or 1300 914 819.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lest We Forget. Prime Minister Abbott Certainly Has! It Seems 21st March The Date of the Federal Apology for Forced Adoptions Has Been Given to Others.

Tony Abbott has lunch yesterday with sailors at HMAS Coonawarra in Darwin, where he will announce the Afghan war commemoration day. Picture: Justin Sanson Source: News Corp Australia

AUSTRALIA is to have an Anzac Day-style national commemoration for the war in Afghanistan, to ensure the bitter experience of returning Vietnam veterans is not repeated for those who have served in Australia’s longest war.

March 21 next year - a month before the centenary of the landing of the Anzacs at Gallipoli - will be the first national day of commemoration for the war in Afghanistan, in which 40 servicemen have lost their lives.

The government intends to stage the commemoration once, leaving open the possibility that it could become an annual event.

Tony Abbott will announce the new commemoration in Darwin at a welcome home for troops who served in Afghanistan or as part of Operation Slipper in the Middle East, which includes those who served on bases in the emirates or naval operations in the Persian Gulf.

State governments have agreed on a national day of commemoration but it will not be a public holiday like Anzac Day.

The Prime Minister wants to ensure there is “appropriate recognition” of the service personnel from Operation Slipper and that a lack of recognition for troops - as was the case for those returning from Vietnam - is not repeated while he is in office.

A month after he became Prime Minister last year, Mr Abbott went to Afghanistan with Bill Shorten for a special ceremony at the Australian base in Tarin Kowt in Oruzgan province to mark Australia’s withdrawal.

Mr Abbott told the troops and Afghan leaders that “Australia’s longest war is ending”.

“Not with victory, not with defeat, but with, we hope, an Afghanistan that is better for our presence here,” he said.

Two weeks ago, Mr Abbott announced that Australia’s 100th Victoria Cross was being awarded posthumously to Australian commando Corporal Cameron Baird, the serviceman most recently killed in Afghanistan, last June.

Over more than a decade, nearly 30,000 Australian men and women have served in and around the conflict in the valleys and mountains of Afghanistan. Apart from those who have died, more than 260 have been wounded. At the height of the war, there were 1550 Australian army, navy and RAAF personnel in Afghanistan.

Australia still has 400 personnel serving in Afghanistan who, defence chief David Hurley says, are still in considerable danger, especially from “insider” attacks by rogue Afghan soldiers.

General Hurley told a Senate estimates committee hearing this week that Australian instructors and mentors, based mainly in or near Kabul and Kandahar, were being guarded by Australian and British troops.

“Despite the ANSF’s (Afghan National Security Forces’) marked improvement and our change in posture we should not underestimate the threat,” General Hurley told senators.
From The Australian.
With many other days to choose from Tony Abbott has shown us no respect for the trauma and loss of having our babies taken by Forced Adoption. This day should be OUR day!


Thursday, February 20, 2014


I tuned into the the first episode of 'Love Child' during this week.

I was, first of all, disgusted that true experiences worthy of a Prime
Minister's apology, a Premier's apology and several Archbishop's apologies
could possibly become a topic / plot for a soap opera - how disgustingly

I believe this television series sets about portraying the girls at the home
for unwed mothers as  'rebels' & promiscuous (since the early scene shows
the main actress having sex in a car while reading a book!!) - this I could
not believe could be the introduction to the first episode - what a picture
that paints of any birth mother!!.

The series is set in 1969 - which is referred to many times as the 'sexual
revolution' - I could not help noticing scenes with couples huddled in
corners kissing, throughout in subways, on street corners etc which only
shabbily re affirmed the obviously generalised picture they sought to
portray to their television audience of general promiscuity.

How dare they be soo careless and totally insensitive I thought!  How dare
they take such a traumatic time in the lives of so many people choose to
judge and generalise and summise and then whatsmore press 'send' so to

Does ALAS  Qld have any idea if any formal research has been carried out in
relation to this series?  Has there been any other feedback from birth
mothers/children? ( God forbid),  has this television company had access to
our personal submissions?

(Name supplied)

ALAS has had many complaints about this program and for all the reasons you have mentioned. Our submissions can be found on line if you agreed to make it public.
You may look at the website from the inquiry and send them an email direct.
ALAS was not contacted about this program and sent many emails and members rang to even make channel 9 aware of their duty of care fo their viewers. Their reply about the program was, "it is fiction".
ALAS also believes that many mothers and children will be re-traumatised by this series.
You could also email channel 9 yourself to voice your complaint.
Many, myself included did not watch the program but I must say, personally, I wondered if I would have been better to watch as, while I knew this was showing, I relived my own personal experience instead.
Thank you for making contact with us.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PM Gillard delivers apology to victims of forced adoption - Full Speech

With the first anniversary of the apology fast approaching, 21st March 2014, here is the then  Prime Minister Julia Gillard's speech.
We are still waiting to hear how Prime Minister Abbott will acknowledge and remember this historic apology of illegal forced adoption. We will keep you updated if we hear how this special date will be remembered.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Federal Apology for Forced Adoption in Australia 21st March 2013.

21st March 2013, Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave this heartfelt apology to victims of Forced Adoptions. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott also gave his apology to these same victims.

We have to ask how sincere was Prime Minister Abbott's Apology?
Even before the 1st Anniversary of our Apology, there seems to be a change of direction now, to promote adoption!

This is part of an article in the Women's Weekly.

With more than 18,000 children in foster care and only 70 adopted last year, Furness described the Australian situation as "critical" and vowed to help lead the charge for "real solutions". She hopes to meet with Prime Minister Tony Abbott later this week.

"Our goal is to double the number of children adopted in Australia and halve the time it takes during this term of government," she said.

"Australia has one of the lowest rates of adoption in the world."

Since talking to Furness about adoption at a dinner event, casino billionaire James Packer has agreed to fund the organisation’s development of a new prospective Australian adoption policy.
Our now Prime Minister Tony Abbott, seems to have a change of face!
We believe, $2 million is the amount James Packer has provided.
Our questions to Prime Minister Abbott are;
Who is receiving this money?
And who is running this country?
Does the prospective Australian adoption policy, come from Furness, Packer or Federal Government?
With 2 million dollars It certainly does not appear to be The Federal Government!
We are confused.
All affected by forced, illegal adoptions in Australia know the ongoing and  devasting trauma from separating mothers and their children is at birth. The loss of identity for the children and their genetic history that has been lost forever. Adoption changes their ancestry history for themselves and for our and their future generations.
While we have been informed that ,"in the best interest of the child"  adoption will be different this time, it will still be at the discretion of the State run Child Protection Dept to determine who is an unfit mother.
As yet no one can give us an answer.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

St John's Cathedral service 9th February 2014. 9 30am.

         The Very Revd. Dean Peter Catt.
        ALAS member, Trish, Marg and Glenda.
The special rose,"The Children's Rose" and the plaque.

These photos were taken at the Liturgy held at St John's Cathedral 12th February 2013. They represent a special event for all effected by forced Adoption and for the women who were in Church homes in Queensland.The plaque is the only memorial in Queensland to be a permanent display  for the victims of these terrible polices and practices.
Members of ALAS Australia, along with the then team leader of PASQ, Susan Kelly, worked with St John's to achieve the first ever service dedicated to Forced Adoptions.
We are very proud of this achievement. There will be special mention  of forced adoptions at this Sunday's Services, 9th February 2014.
We hope the people never forget the traumatic practices that took new born babies from their mothers at birth and permanently separatedf families.
We hope that Queensland's Government follow the lead of the church and agree to a permanent memorial in Brisbane to help with the healing process. A place to reflect.

Friday, January 31, 2014

the Commemorative Book from the Queensland Apology for Forced Adoption 27th November 2012.

A special concession has been made for people who did not get the opportunity to sign this special book on the day of the apology.

This book will only be available to us once.

Anyone who wishes to add  a message to  this book, please send your message to our email address;

by phone; Trish 0417 077 159 or Margaret; 0402 336 480.

Messages must reach us no later than 9th February2014.

Service at St John's Cathedral 9th February 2014.

Services at St John's Cathedral will remember the Apology for Forced Adoptions in Queensland, the unmarried mothers who were in church homes and the children who were separated from their families.
On 12th February 2013, St John's Cathedral  gave a special Liturgy for victims of forced adoptions.
It was followered by the planting in the rose garden of a special rose, "the childrens rose" and the placing of a plaque to remember the families who were torn apart by these traumatic practices.
The times are; 7 30 and 9 30am
ALAS members and friends will attend the service at 9 30am.
You are very welcome to join us.

Meeting Saturday 8th February 2014.

Our next meeting will be at Four Mile Creek Strathpine, (opp Westfields).
Time 11 45am onwards.
Please ring Trish for more details;0417 077 159.
All welcome.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ALAS would like to thank Susan Kelly for all her hard work.

We first met Susan when Post Adoption Services Queensland first started.
Susan has been a tower of strength to us as we travelled through our trauma of adoption. Susan picked up the pieces when we broke.
Over the years, Susan has worked with us and gave us her unconditional support when, all of the support groups united and as a Nation  put presure on the State and Federal Governments for first, the inquiry into Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices and then at the State and Federal Apologies. This dark history of Australian forced adoption is now acknowledged in Parliament's history for all to see.
Susan also helped with the St John's Cathedral Liturgy and stood beside us as we spoke.
Recently, 27th November 2013, Susan chaired the working committee, (ALAS, Jigsaw and Origins) to help us with the organisation of the Rememberance Day morning tea. The day was so special and a day for all who attended to remember the victims of forced adoptions.
Today we have sad hearts.
When we think of Susan, we will always remember the beautiful smile she always  gave us and her unconditional committment to doing her best for us.

                                                              Good Luck Susan!

Email from Post Adoption Services Queensland.

Good afternoon everyone
I am writing to let you know that Susan Kelly has  resigned from her position as
Team Leader of The Benevolent Society's Post Adoption Support Queensland service.
Susan's last day of work is today. Unfortunately I have had little lead time around
Susan's departure and this has been the first opportunity for me to let you know. 
Susan has asked me to extend her thanks to all of you for the support you have shown
her and the PASQ team.

I appreciate this will come as a shock, but I would like to assure all of you, that 
The Benevolent Society through PASQ will continue to support people affected by
adoption as it has done for the last four years, including supporting the Qld Post
Adoption Working Committee.  We will look to recruit to this position shortly, but
in the mean time I will be the contact person for the service. I am confident that
there will be little disruption for the PASQ clients, but would like to extend an
invitation to meet with any of you  to discuss any concerns or questions you may

Susan has made a significant contribution to the development of PASQ over the last
four years, and has shown great commitment to the issues surrounding adoption. She
has worked together with clients and stakeholders, particularly in relation to the 
Senate Inquiry into Forced Adoption Practices and supporting both the State and
Federal Apologies. We certainly wish her well in her future endeavours.

Should you wish to speak to me or to Matt Gardiner, our Executive Director, 
Community Services, please feel free to contact us on the numbers below.

Warm Regards

Jess Wilson
Regional Director

T   07 3170 4610
F   07 3255 2953
M 0488 431 433

9 Wilson Street
West End, QLD, 4101

PO Box 5347
West End, QLD, 4101