Friday, July 31, 2009

St Mary's Home Toowong

I was in St Mary's home in 1966 and would be interest in hearing from anyone who was there about the same time to share their experiences.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Highlights Mother's Sacrifices

The pain felt by mothers giving up their children for adoption was common only a generation ago, when unmarried women were often pressured to relinquish their babies. But less understood is the emotional legacy these mothers continue to feel.
Jan Russ was one of these mothers and, with playwright Robyn Bishop, turned her pain into a moving play.
The Show Must Go On
Support groups VANISH, ARMS and Alas, which campaigned for an apology for the plight of "fallen women" staged a candlelit vigil before curtain call last week in support of the play.
Pictured are actress Gemma Bishop, play subject Jan Russ, playwright Robyn Bishop and Bella Cole.
reference: Melbourne Times 29th July 2009

Trish, Janice and Margaret from ALAS QLD flew from Brisbane to attend and support the 23rd July performance of the play.
We were very impressed by the honesty and emotion shown.
Congratulations to all. Well done Jan!

We hope to see your play in Brisbane in the future.

We also enjoyed speaking with the ladies from other groups.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Some members from alasqld will be traveling to Melbourne to attend a play by Jan Russ called "The Show Must Go On."
It will be shown at La Mama, Carlton Courthouse,349 Drummond St., Carlton.
It will be nice to meet some mothers from other support groups to see what progress they are making.
We are very much looking forward to seeing the play.
See you on 23rd. July!

A Mother's Poem


Words similar to the above were used in the "Old Bailey" centuries ago. However even to this day, Australian women are suffering this fate, for a supposed decision they were forced to make decades ago. The majority were underage, and none had legal representation.

A scandal?

Yes, one that is about to launch a government enquiry.
We have heard about the "Stolen Generation."
We are about to hear about the silent.....until now.....other Stolen Generation.
The Royal Women's Hospital in Brisbane has opened the lid on "Pandora'a Box". It was the main item on channel 7 news on Wednesday 10th. June 2009.
Three women were publicly presented with a written apology from RBWH. I was privileged to have been part of the negotiating team that facilitated this outcome for these wrongly maligned women.
Women have suffered, in silence, decades of sorrow & the stigma of having had a child out of wedlock.
Professor Ian Jones from the RBWH has publicly acknowledged & apologised for the practices of the day. (Apology can be read on our website.)
Professor Jones has issued a challenge to other hospitals whose practices were just as draconian & barbaric, to follow their example with a public apology to those concerned
If this matter is regarded as distasteful & disturbing to you, I make no apology.

Queensland is 150 years in the making, we can choose to continue to live in the dark ages, which facilitated these acts of reprehensible cruelty, or acknowledge them.

Silence, in this case, is not golden.


Already, the letter from the Royal Women's Hospital has caused disquiet amongst the community.
Some birth mothers have been threatened with restraining orders should they make contact with their sons or daughters, or in the case of some,their grandchildren.
Many women were so traumertised by their experience, they were never able to have any other children.
For the term of her natural life, means just that.
What a sad indictment on our so called modern society.
The Royal Women's Hospital in Brisbane is the first in the world to grant such an apology to those concerned.
I think it is appropriate, that in QLD's 150th. year, this historic event was facilitated by Professor Ian Jones.
We cannot re-write history, however, by acknowledging the wrongs of the past, we can ensure they are NEVER repeated.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Making comments on articles in this blog

Some readers of this blog are unsure how they can write comments on articles they read in this blog. This is what you do:

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2. Write your message in the box titled "Post a Comment"
3. Below the message box click on the drop-down menu ("Comment as: Select profile...")and select "Name/URL" if you would like to leave your name or "Anonymous".
4. If you select "Name/URL", just write your name and ignore the "URL" field.
5. Click Continue.
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Good luck!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boothville Home/Hospital Brisbane

Trish wrote
Calling the mothers from Boothville.
We have mothers in our group who suffered barbaric treatment while in the "care" of this home. We would like to hear from mothers who had adverse experiences or who are suffering trauma due to the loss of their babies to adoption
Contact Trish Mob.0417 077 159. or email alasqld through their website.

Hospital Experience

Did you have a bad experience at an Australian hospital where your baby was taken for adoption against your will?
We would like to hear from you.

Mothers who could not name their babies

Therese asks:
How many mothers were told that they could not name their babies so their original birth certificate has no name listed?
Would like to hear your comments.

Hornsby Hospital

One of our mothers who negotiated the apology for our members from the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital, has begun negotiating an apology with the manager of the Hornsby Hospital, N.S.W.
Any woman who lost their babies from the Hornsby Hospital, or who were placed in the "Carramar Home" at Turramurra are invited th contact Jan through this blog site or our website via email.