Monday, August 5, 2019

                                         Hi Every one the Monday August 12  2019 meeting

                                         Is next Monday at 12 pm.

                                          at The Four Mile Creek Hotel

                                          Gympie Road, Strathpine,

                                         Opposite the Shopping Centre.

                                          That Monday is the pine rivers show holiday

                                          a 10% surcharge is usual for
                                             Public Holiday's.

                                          Our Membership fees are also due,

                                           Which we have kept at $20.00.

                                            as we are a non for profit charity group

                          We rely on these Fees & Donations to be able to keep going

                we ask that   everyone is responsible for their own Food & Drinks.

There is much to discus about up & coming events in Adoption over the next year.

For more information please contact Trish on 0417077159.see you all on the 12th.