Friday, June 12, 2020

                                              Hi Everyone due to East Leagues

                                                   still being closed,

                                     URGENT! I need all south side

                                  members to answer my phone calls to you

                                 so i can  arrange another venue.

                                 we have 3 possibles,we need  to book places.

                               The next North Side meeting will be on

                            Mon  June 22 nd at Four Mile Creek Hotel,

                             Gympie Road,Strathpine. At 12pm.
                                as i have booked a table for 6 & 4  members

                               are already is vital that you.

                           Please phone me if you are  planning to join us.

                         The lunch is for 1-1/2 hours as time is restricted.

                      I hope everyone is okay,We have much to discuss.

                    For more information please phone Trish 0417077159