Monday, December 1, 2014

Thank you, to every one who came to the unveiling of the Forced Adoption Apology Plaque at Roma

Street Parklands, the day was really good the storms held off til most of us were home, the

refreshments were nice, Thank you Rhonda for the lovely photos you took on my camera i will try &

get them developed before Saturday's lunch.The Roses looked good planted at the head of the Plaque,

 when they are blooming it will be worthwhile having a picnic / meeting there.                                    

                                  CHRISTMAS     LUNCH      THIS     SATURDAY   6 / 12 / 2014

                         Christmas Lunch  The  OX,   Oxley Ave,   Margate, 11 /45 am.

Please wear Christmas Colors, Bright Happy Faces,lets celebrate what we've achieved in this last year.

So far we glitter, &  bon bon's, & chocolates, if you have any other ideas for making our table look

 more decorated, please phone me. We will do the usual   exchanging of cards,                                          
as usual everyone Pays for their own Food & Drinks