Thursday, October 25, 2012

Share your adoption experience with ABC Open.

The Victorian Parliament will officially apologise over past forced adoptions today. This photo gallery shows the human face of these policies and practices. It recognises the individual experiences of people who've been separated, and gives the Australian community a chance to share their stories.>more
From the ABC site.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tasmanian Apology 18th October 2012.

Sent by Apology Alliance.
Here is the link to the site – the apology will be broadcast 11am – 1pm tomorrow. I’ll send you the apology text and Premier’s speech as soon as I can.

Thanks very much for your help I really appreciate it.

Thanks Chris. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Lost Souls DVD.

Subject: TLS DVD

 If you wish to receive a copy of The Lost Souls DVD, please register your interest
by return email. Please state how many copies you might require. The cost will be
$5.00aud + Postage. Release date and how to order to be advised. Thanks.

  Heather Waters


  The Lost Souls

  0432 040 034


ABC Open invites you to share your story with the ABC

You’re invited to share a part of your story which tells the audience something about what happened to you, and the effect on your life.

It could be about the moment of separation, or the impact on your everyday life since.

Please avoid using real names (such as of doctors or social workers) if there is a risk of defamation.

We’d like to limit the stories to up to 300 words.

Each story is accompanied by a photo of your choice. It could be a personal photo of you in the past or present, or it could be a more abstract photo. (a heart, rosemary for remembrance, etc)

The photo needs to be a digital photo file, like a .jpeg.
If it’s a printed photo, you could scan it or take a photo of it with a digital camera.

The Separated project will display on the ABC Open website from October 11 onwards.

1.     on the computer, write down the experience you’d like to share

2.     look for a photo to go with the story

3.      go to the ABC Open website and register. (the link is in the top right corner). You need an email address to register. Make a note of your password.

4.      Go to the ABC Open website and login with your email and password.

5.     Go to Projects > Separated > Get involved.

6.     Copy and paste your story in, (CHECK) and upload your photo.

7.   Hit SUBMIT

8.    After being moderated (checked), your story will display on the ABC Open website.

ABC Open Producer Jane Curtis can help with any questions you might have, big or small.

Please email her or call (03) 5440 1739 or 0428 116 294.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Queensland Forced Adoption Apology

This is a letter written by a mother.

As I sat down to write a response regarding the apology for past "forced adoptions," it was very distressing to see the links at the top of the screen.  There were referral links for pro-adoptions; "parents considering adoption for their child."  They are advertisements for adoption and are inappropriate in this format.  I felt a suffocating stab to my heart as I read the adoption referral link and then searched for the forced adoptions link.  The inclusion of a pro-adoption referral link is yet another indication that this request for feedback is devoid of any connection to the reality of the lifelong trauma and grief that has been caused to mothers whose newborn children were stolen for adoption.  The forced adoption link was found in the middle of the screen as if it was of little importance to the department and will probably discourage many grieving mothers and their children from making submissions.  Pro-adoption referral links serve to re-traumatize victims of unlawful adoption practices.

Queeensland Government website.
See our website for more information about the government’s apology for past forced adoptions, including the background to the apology and frequently asked questions.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Queensland Apology.

In Queensland, we are waiting to hear what the Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman will include in his apology.  We believe this apology will be delivered at the end of November.
 From the Senate Inquiry,the recommendations which would assist with the development of an apology are as follows;

(3) The committee recommends that state and teritory governments,( this if focused on governments),that administered adoptions should issue formal statements of apology that acknowledges that were illegal or unethical, as well as other practices that contributed to the harm suffered by many parents whose children were forcibly removed and by the children who were separated from their parents.

(5)The committee recommends that official apologies should include statements that take responsibility for past policy choices made by institutions' leaders and staff, and not be qualified by reference to values or professional practices during the period in question.

ALAS would like  this to be a genuine, comapssionate  and heartfelt apology given by Premier Newman the words which should be include, immoral, illegal policies and practices, unethical policies and practices.

The damage and trauma caused to mothers and adoptees is a life sentence.

We know fathers and other family  members were affected too, but it started with  separation at birth by cruel and inhumane treatment given to mother and baby.

In Queensland there were over 35,000 adoptions!

Premier Newman needs to give an apology which surpasses previous governments apologies. We do no want our apology to be, JUST ANOTHER APOLOGY, we want and demand it to be, an honest and sincere apology and the best apology ever.

        Please Premier Campbell Newman, show us you care.

Closing date to have your say is 11th October 2012.

Mail: Adoption Apology
GPO Box 806

Phone: 1800 647 983 to have your comments noted
(free call within Queensland)

All feedback will be treated as private and confidential. Feedback can be lodged anonymously.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Meeting for 6th October has been cancelled

Due to the stress and trauma caused by the meeting with Minister Tracy Davis to discuss the content of an apology for torced adoption on 3rd October, our ALAS meeting has been cancelled.
Minister Tracy Davis asked along adoptive parent, Mary Cullar to the discussion wothout informing mothers and adoptees who this person was.
Once again, the Department of Child Safety has again treated mothers and adoptees with no respect and with total a betrayal of trust.
Minister Davis did not inform us that this adoptive mother was going to be present.
It would not have been acceptable!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Special Reference Group for National Apology

 the national apology is a key recommendation of the Senate Committee Report into the Commonwealth Contribution to Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices (the Report) released on 29 February 2012, and will be delivered on behalf of the nation as a significant step in the healing process of those affected. I would like to assure you that the views and experiences of those affected by past adoption practices, like yourself, will be closely considered in the development of the national apology.

A special Reference Group has been established to help develop the timing and nature of the apology. The Group comprises Parliamentarians and representatives of those affected by the adoption practices, including three mothers, a father and two adoptees. The Reference Group held meetings on 16 August and 19 September 2012. Your concerns and suggestions will also be passed onto the Chair of the Reference Group for the Group’s consideration at future meetings.

In your email you make particular mention of birth certificates and certificates of registration. One of the key recommendations from the Senate Committee Report is that “all jurisdictions adopt integrated birth certificates, that these be issued to eligible people upon request, and that they be legal proof of identity of equal status to other birth certificates, and jurisdictions investigate harmonisation of births, deaths and marriages register access and the facilitation of a single national access point to those registers”. The Government is considering this recommendation along with the Report’s other recommendation and will provide a full response to the Report in early 2013.

Further information on the composition and work of the Reference Group, as well as the Government’s response to the Report, is available on our website. If you would like to be kept informed about the Government’s development of the apology please email to be added to the mailing list