Monday, October 8, 2018

                                           Hi everyone we have

                                           this Saturdays  October meeting

                                        It is now Tuesday 16 th October

                                              Where  4 Mile Creek Hotel

                                              Gympie Road ,Strathpine

                                       Opposite the Shopping Center
                                                12 pm til approx 3.30pm.
                                     Everyone to pay for their own food & drinks
                                      there's a range of  pensioner meals available.

                                    As we are a non for profit support group &

                                   we rely on membership fees to keep us running,

                                  the fee of $20 is due now, This is our general meeting.
                                   there's  much to discuss.

                                  The up coming 6th Anniversary celebration .
                                   will again be at our memorial site in
                                   Roma  Street Parkland's
                                     27/11/2018 time 9.30 am for more information
                               please phone trish 0417077159