Monday, August 1, 2016

                                       As you all know ALAS instigated to lobby the
                                    Queensland Government , Hon Tracy Davis,
                                   to hold an Anniversary Celebration on the 27 th November
                                  every year, regardless of what day it falls on and to establish a
                                   committee to be set up .
                                  In  2013  ALAS approached Susan Kelly to be co- ordinator,
                                  We asked Sue to contact Linda Bryant Origins, &
                                  Trevor Jordan Jigsaw, if they would join us and invite 2
                                   other members to form this committee,which we did.
                                  ALAS members Trish, Marg  &  Glenda,
                                  Linda & Rosalee  from Origins
                                  Trevor & Heather  from Jigsaw
                                  This number was chosen so we would always have at least
                                  one member from each group present at every meeting.
                                 We had asked for a Plaque with the Apology on it,
                                 3 Rose bushes, & 2 Park benches,to be placed in the
                                 Roma Street Parklands.
                                Unfortunately this could not be done in time for the
                                    First Anniversary
                                 so to mark the date a Morning Tea was held in the
                                  Brisbane City Hall.
                              We were still working towards the second anniversary
                               and to have in place, the Plaque, Rose bushes,and
                              2 Park benches.
                              The Second Anniversary was held in the
                              Roma Street Parklands opened by
                              Hon Tracy Davis but without the bench / seats.
                              Last year while visiting the gardens, I noticed the Rose bushes
                                were gone, apparently the Possums had eaten them.
                             The 3 rd Anniversary was held there, the site looked barren & awful.
                              Earlier this year i mentioned the state of the Plaque area to
                            Minister Shannon Fentiman, ALAS members have asked for
                             the completion of this Very Special Remembrance Area in time
                            for the 4 th Anniversary Celebration by having replacement plants
                           around our Plaque & our 2 Park benches / seats as promised and
                          be ready for use on the 27 th November 2016.
                           I have suggested to the Minister's secretary that we form another
                           committee still retaining Susan Kelly as our Co -ordinator
                            & 3 members from each of the groups who meet at the
                           moment, both Trevor Marg & myself think this is a good
                           idea as it has been previously successful.
                          Shane Bevis the ministers secretary needs us all to agree
                           on a suitable replacement plant, and he has contacted the
                           Brisbane City Council and the Roma Street parklands
                           and also re the bench/ seats.
                            We all need to work together to prevent any delays.
                             Shane wants to meet us altogether with the proposals.
                             ALAS also requests the marquees,chairs,Roses for the survivors
                            who will be attending to place on the Plaque.
                           Morning Tea / coffee and juice and finger food.
                            We also request,a Rose covered signature book for us all to sign.
                          a microphone & speakers, so the Premier & ministers can talk
                         to us.In the past the Queensland Government has provided funding
                         for everything,Previously it was the Liberal  Government.
                        There is much to discuss, lets make this a successful day for us
                        all to  Remember.  I see Anita has allotted time at our next
                      meeting to discuss this issue,  regards trish

                                                     Hi everyone on Saturday  20 th  August
                                                     The  ALAS  Annual & General meeting                                                                                                              
                                                      will   be  held
                                                   at East Leagues  Club

                                                  40 Main Avenue,Coorparoo.

                                                 12 pm, usual deal everyone pays for their own

                                               food & drinks, we will probably be there
                                                til 3 pm.

                                               I have photos from the opening of the Art works
                                              in South Australia  that i will bring along.

                                      if you would like  more information please phone


                                                Trish                 0417077159