Saturday, November 25, 2023

                                                                      Hi every one 

                                          it is with a very heavy sad  heart that i have to inform

                                              you all of the passing of Marg Hamilton 

                                               on Thursday 23rd Nov'2023

                            Marg put up a good strong fight  against Bile Duct Cancer,

                                           Marg will be fondly remembered by  

                                                her many ALAS Adoption Friends,

                                                 Myself & Marg were able to educate &  

                                                  change  so many peoples minds  on Adoption .

                                                We told the whole horrific truths 

                                         about what happened in the Mother & Baby Homes 

                                    Myself & Marg were instrumental in achieving  

                                 The  ALAS WORLDS FIRST 

                       HOSPITAL  FORCED  ADOPTION APOLOGY 

                            19/ 06/ 2009 

                    From the Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital  Apology 

                  HISTORY SHOWS

              our  many other Forced ADOPTION Apologies soon followed.

               ALAS can count the Roma Street Parklands Memorial Site 

                 as an ALAS achievement. 

 Where some of us will be on MONDAY 27th At 9.15 am

   for The Rose Laying Ceremony. & a few Speeches, 

Later for lunch at a local hotel  more info

please phone Trish 0417077159