Friday, March 31, 2023

                                       Hi everyone so sorry sadly 

                                 this Saturday 's meeting at East Leagues 

                                  has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances

                                   we will re schedule for later  in April.

                                I hope you all have a good  Easter, 

                                sadly i won't be eating my usual treats.

                                  Dental work has left me a few unwanted side effects.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

                                Hi everyone, just a reminder that next Sat 1/04/2023 , 

                                   We are meeting at East Leagues Club , Main Avenue 

                                         Cooparoo, at 12pm until approximately 3pm.

                                           So much to talk about after our successful 

                              !0 th Anniversary of the Forced Adoption Apology Celebrations.

                                       Both in Canberra & New Farm.

                                It was so good to have Linda there with me,& we went to Dinner 

                                        looking like two special  Ladies.

                                  our transport to & from events was interesting.

                                     please remember everyone pays for 

                                      their own food & drinks.

                                        for more information please phone Trish,


                                           see you then.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

                                                           Hi Everyone this Tuesday 7th March 

                                                              is our first meeting for 2023

                                                               at 12pm at 

                                                             FOUR MILE CREEK HOTEL


                                                     There are a few things we need to discus

                                                 like our reflection to be on display

                                               at the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of 



                 I will forward the invitations to you all when they are printed.

                 also we need to discus membership fees due in May.

                  should i   approach the new owners of the Golden Ox 

                  to be sure of their type of Christmas  menu & 

                     if we can still hold the same type of event there.

                           other things we need to discus as . 

                    Trish H would like to retire as Treasure, joint secretary 

                  does  anyone else want to be treasurer / joint secretary?

                   position would take effect 1st June 2023.

              i hope to see you all there for a good catch up it 

               seems so long since Christmas

              please be aware that as a non for profit group we ask 

              everyone pays for their own food & drink .

              for more information 

                please contact trish 0417077159.