Friday, December 3, 2021

                                                                ALAS XMAS LUNCH

                                                                  ALAS CHRISTMAS LUNCH


                                                                from 4 th Dec to 

                                                             now  re- scheduled for 

                                                                FRIDAY 10 th Dec

                                                                still at the GOLDEN OX 

                                                                   Margate . 

                                                              new time 12.40pm.

                                                    there are 8 of us  if you would like the names 

                                                       to write Christmas cards  please call trish.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

                                                    Hi everyone, i have been busy posting your invitations,

                                               to the 9 th Anniversary of the 

                                         Queensland Governments Forced Adoption Apology , 

                                         this year its Friday 26th November 2021


                                    It is a ticketed event in the  Parliamentary building,

                               I will put up a better post later hopefully today.

Monday, June 7, 2021


                                              Hi Every one this Saturday 12thJune  2021

                                              Our  will be meeting at  

                                               East Leagues Club

                                             Main Ave, Coorparoo,

                                          12pm, in the Coffee lounge area.

                                        Then into bistro area for lunch,

                                  as we are a non for profit charity group

                                   Everyone  is responsible for paying

                                          for their own food & drinks.

                                we still have many things to discuss, 

                                   re future 30 th anniversary events

                                    & ideas needed?

                                  for more information please phone 

                                       Trish 0417077159


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

                                               The time has really flown 

                                                 this Monday 10th May,

                                                 will be our next  meeting at 

                                             Four Mile Creek Hotel, Strathpine

                                               Next to Dan Murphy's 

                                             opposites the main Shopping centre.

                                                12pm/ till approx 3pm

                                            I am organizing a cake for Trish.s birthday.

                                              so we can celebrate.

                                             This North side we will be continuing to discuss, 

                                 the same issues as discussed last month at the south side.

                                           Our 2021/2 membership fees are due, 

                                        we have still  kept them at $20.00. 

                 please read last months post for an idea of other things discussed.

               can we please have some new ideas to make our Xmas lunch Special.

                  we are very keen to celebrate our 3 special days in one .

                             Any new people wishing to join us 

                              please phone Trish 0417077159

                       for more information , thank  you.

                       see you all Monday, have a Happy Mothers Day.


Monday, April 19, 2021

                                              Hi everyone just a quick reminder 

                                                      we are meeting at 

                                                East Leagues Club, Main Ave. Coorparoo,

                                              This Saturday  24 th April 

                                                at 12 am / 3pm.

                                         Hopefully we wont go back into lockdown,

                                      it seems like ages since we last got together,

                                       There are a few items to discuss,

                              This June it will be  the 30 th Anniversary 

                          of us winning the right to our Adoption Information Files.

                      Also in Feb next year it will be 30 years since i amalgamated 

                       North Brisbane Birth mothers Group & Alas. 

                    Do we have separate Celebrations ?

                   Or de we celebrate them all at our Christmas Lunch?


                      Which is Saturday December 4 th 

               at The Golden Ox Restaurant. Oxley Ave Redcliffe, 

            We could do like last year Balloons, flowers , & any other ideas?

        It was agreed that  this Christmas we will making the secret Santa $10.00. 

          so that we a better variety  of what to choose for a present.

        The Annual membership fees are due on 

          Monday 10 th May for north side members when we will be at 

          Four mile Creek, Strathpine.

                For south side members it will be saturday 12 th June 

                When we will be at East Leagues Club, Coorparoo.

               We also need to discuss if we need to change the Fees?

                    There are other things to catch up on,

   The 8 th Anniversary Of Federal Forced Adoption Apology, in March

                   i hope to see you on Saturday, take care Stay safe 

                        if you need any more information please phone me 0417077159,

                          Because we are a non for profit group we ask that  

                    everyone pays for their own food & drinks. thank you.





Saturday, April 10, 2021

                                 Its very sad news out of England Our Queen Elizabeth 11

                               has lost her devoted Husband Prince Philip.

                               the Duke of Edinburgh 

                            i have shed a few tears, i have  a Duke of Edinburgh

                           Bronze  award  way back in the 1960's,

                         getting that award did change me, 

                        i really enjoyed the subjects that i chose, 

                             many happy memories.

                    REST In Peace Prince Philip.


                                                                   Hi Everyone just a reminder

                                                that todays meeting has been postponed

                                         Now to be held  on Saturday 24 th at 12pm

                                          Still at East Leagues Club, Main Ave 


                                       please RSVP to Trish, 0417077159,

                                  As usual there is  much to discuss,& catch up on. 

                                 If you are a first timer you are 

                          more than welcome to bring along a support person  

                            at  our friendly meetings, the  atmosphere is relaxed, 

                                 we often discus other topics 

                                 that effect our daily lives.

                               As we are a non for profit group,

                          Everyone  pays for their own food & drinks,

                         For more information please phone Trish 


Monday, March 1, 2021

                                                                 Hi every one

                                                              I hope you are all well, 

                                                            Just  jogging your brains,

                                                  Our next Meeting is  Monday 8 th  March

                                                                      NEW VENUE

                                                          THE  EMPORIUM CAFE,

                                             inside     Strathpine Shopping Centre.

                                                        Gympie Rd , Strathpine, 

                                                opposite the  Hotel,   starts 12pm,

                                            This is also INTERNATIONAL WOMEN"S DAY,

                                            Please Wear PURPLE & GREEN,

                                       or if  you who have the purple & green ribbons.

                                           I hope you all got your INVITATION 

                                               to the CELEBRATION  of the 

                                                    8th  ANNIVERSARY 

                        of the   AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT NATIONAL

                                       APOLOGY for   FORCED ADOPTIONS 

                                 held     at   the  EVENTS on OXLADE

                               50 Oxlade Drive, New Farm

                                Date: 21st March 2021. Time:10.30 am /12pm 

                             PLEASE reply by FRIDAY 5 th March

                             YES    that is this Friday.  07 3358 6666.

                    It's hard to believe its 8 years on 21st of March

                  since  Our Brave First Female Prime Minister

                           THE   HON  JULIA GILLARD MP

                   stood up and Gave us that 


                        NATIONAL  FORCED ADOPTION  APOLOGY

              so many of us had fought so hard over so many years to hear.

                Getting  back to our meeting hoping to see you all there

                  as usual everyone pays for their own food & drinks.

                                I have to book a table, 

                        So please  RSVP by Thursday 4th March 

                     for any more information please phone Trish 0417077159




Monday, February 8, 2021

                                                                     Hi everyone 

                                                              just a memory jogger, 

                                                              that it's this Saturday, 13th February 2021

                                            we will be having our first  Meeting  for 2021

                                                         East Leagues Club,

                                                       Main avenue, Coorparoo.

                                                        at 12 pm .

                                                 please RSVP  to trish 0417077159.

                                              Looking forward to catching up it seems such a 

                                              long time since our Christmas lunch, 

                                              there's much to discuss re what's going on this year

                                               if Corona 19 leaves us all alone with no more 

                                             isolation- lockdowns. we should be able to hold 

                                               Anniversary events on March 21st as usual

                                             it will be 8 years since our then Prime minister

                                                JULIA GILLARD gave us that historical 

                                             Forced Adoption Apology,  Time has flown,

                                               More info at meeting, 

                                         Our  8th March Meeting is on International Woman's Day 

                                         please wear Purple & Green, more info contact Trish.

                                       as we are a non for profit group, 

                                  Everyone to Pays  for their own food & drinks, thank you.

                          looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, Take care & stay safe.


Saturday, January 9, 2021

                                                               Hi everyone  we have to 

                                                             CANCEL this MONDAYS Meeting

                                                              at Four Mile Creek Hotel.

                                                       Due to LOCK DOWN in Brisbane.


                                                  i will contact everyone when we can meet again


                                                        Hopefully February.

                                                    Take Care Stay Safe

                                                   if you need to talk or contact me please 

                                                     phone 0417077159


Thursday, January 7, 2021


                                                      Hi Everyone, Happy New Year 2021

                                                   I hope you all had a great Christmas,

                                                 I had a quiet Christmas day so lovely with 

                                                My youngest son & his family, so much laughter.

                                               Boxing day was with my middle son & his family,

                                              Very interesting watching the kids with their Lego.


                                               Next Monday is our first meeting  for 2021

                                                We will be meeting at Four Mile creek Hotel,

                                                 Gympie Road, Strathpine, at 12 pm,

                                              Many plans to discuss, amongst ourselves.

                                              Please be aware that every one pays 

                                               for their own Food & Drink, 

                                           Four Mile Creek still has a variety  of 

                                        good value for money, Meals, Coffee  & desserts, 

                                          & the staff are always very friendly.

                                        Look forward to seeing you all,

                                      for more information please contact Trish

                                    Please rsvp to Trish 0417077159