Saturday, April 10, 2021

                                                                   Hi Everyone just a reminder

                                                that todays meeting has been postponed

                                         Now to be held  on Saturday 24 th at 12pm

                                          Still at East Leagues Club, Main Ave 


                                       please RSVP to Trish, 0417077159,

                                  As usual there is  much to discuss,& catch up on. 

                                 If you are a first timer you are 

                          more than welcome to bring along a support person  

                            at  our friendly meetings, the  atmosphere is relaxed, 

                                 we often discus other topics 

                                 that effect our daily lives.

                               As we are a non for profit group,

                          Everyone  pays for their own food & drinks,

                         For more information please phone Trish 


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