Monday, September 22, 2014

Hi everyone tonight on ABC @ 8 pm Australian Story is the rest of the  Jan Russ story,must see show.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday October 7 th @ 12 pm, Four Mile Creek Hotel. Strathpine,

opposite the Westfield Shopping Center Gympie Road, Srathpine.

For further details please contact Trish 0417077159.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

                                   A L A S  Aus  Inc

Our next meeting will be Tuesday 16th of September at the Commix Red Cross Cafe in Adelaide

Street, Brisbane City, at 11-30 / 2-30, it is VITAL i know the number of people attending as this cafe

gets very busy at lunch time, many meals are about the $10-00 price range.

All membership payments now due.

The  Queensland   Government  Adoption  Apology   2 nd Anniversary.

On Thursday  the 27 th of  November  2014  at The Roma Street, Parkland  there will be an unveiling
                              of a

Monument with a copy of  The Queensland Government Adoption Apology and a Tea Rose engraved

 in Brass, also a  Beautiful  Pink Rose  will be planted.

This has come into fruition with lots of hard work and dedication from The Adoption Apology

Working  Committee.

This Idea originally came from the ALAS  Committee, who worked to forming The Adoption

Apology Working Committee,who lobbied the Queensland Government to give us a place where we

could go and reflect ,The Government  Acknowledging Former Forced Adoptions.

Looking forward to this great  day,after many years of hard work by so many people, to get the Queensland   Governments  Adoption  Apology, we at ALAS hope as many people affected by Adoption  can come along.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ladies after lodging submissions against these adoption law  changes to go ahead,  the men in parliament ignored us, they have not heeded the warnings  of the past ADOPTION wrongs!. Will they apologise to the overseas families whose children end up being adopted by Australian couples.  How long will it be before we have another GENERATION  of    OVERSEAS   STOLEN   BABIES OR CHILDREN? To  satisfy the  Australian  BABY   MARKET.!  Infertile couples do not have the right to expect to take another woman's child causing post traumatic stress disorder.