Friday, January 31, 2014

the Commemorative Book from the Queensland Apology for Forced Adoption 27th November 2012.

A special concession has been made for people who did not get the opportunity to sign this special book on the day of the apology.

This book will only be available to us once.

Anyone who wishes to add  a message to  this book, please send your message to our email address;

by phone; Trish 0417 077 159 or Margaret; 0402 336 480.

Messages must reach us no later than 9th February2014.

Service at St John's Cathedral 9th February 2014.

Services at St John's Cathedral will remember the Apology for Forced Adoptions in Queensland, the unmarried mothers who were in church homes and the children who were separated from their families.
On 12th February 2013, St John's Cathedral  gave a special Liturgy for victims of forced adoptions.
It was followered by the planting in the rose garden of a special rose, "the childrens rose" and the placing of a plaque to remember the families who were torn apart by these traumatic practices.
The times are; 7 30 and 9 30am
ALAS members and friends will attend the service at 9 30am.
You are very welcome to join us.

Meeting Saturday 8th February 2014.

Our next meeting will be at Four Mile Creek Strathpine, (opp Westfields).
Time 11 45am onwards.
Please ring Trish for more details;0417 077 159.
All welcome.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ALAS would like to thank Susan Kelly for all her hard work.

We first met Susan when Post Adoption Services Queensland first started.
Susan has been a tower of strength to us as we travelled through our trauma of adoption. Susan picked up the pieces when we broke.
Over the years, Susan has worked with us and gave us her unconditional support when, all of the support groups united and as a Nation  put presure on the State and Federal Governments for first, the inquiry into Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices and then at the State and Federal Apologies. This dark history of Australian forced adoption is now acknowledged in Parliament's history for all to see.
Susan also helped with the St John's Cathedral Liturgy and stood beside us as we spoke.
Recently, 27th November 2013, Susan chaired the working committee, (ALAS, Jigsaw and Origins) to help us with the organisation of the Rememberance Day morning tea. The day was so special and a day for all who attended to remember the victims of forced adoptions.
Today we have sad hearts.
When we think of Susan, we will always remember the beautiful smile she always  gave us and her unconditional committment to doing her best for us.

                                                              Good Luck Susan!

Email from Post Adoption Services Queensland.

Good afternoon everyone
I am writing to let you know that Susan Kelly has  resigned from her position as
Team Leader of The Benevolent Society's Post Adoption Support Queensland service.
Susan's last day of work is today. Unfortunately I have had little lead time around
Susan's departure and this has been the first opportunity for me to let you know. 
Susan has asked me to extend her thanks to all of you for the support you have shown
her and the PASQ team.

I appreciate this will come as a shock, but I would like to assure all of you, that 
The Benevolent Society through PASQ will continue to support people affected by
adoption as it has done for the last four years, including supporting the Qld Post
Adoption Working Committee.  We will look to recruit to this position shortly, but
in the mean time I will be the contact person for the service. I am confident that
there will be little disruption for the PASQ clients, but would like to extend an
invitation to meet with any of you  to discuss any concerns or questions you may

Susan has made a significant contribution to the development of PASQ over the last
four years, and has shown great commitment to the issues surrounding adoption. She
has worked together with clients and stakeholders, particularly in relation to the 
Senate Inquiry into Forced Adoption Practices and supporting both the State and
Federal Apologies. We certainly wish her well in her future endeavours.

Should you wish to speak to me or to Matt Gardiner, our Executive Director, 
Community Services, please feel free to contact us on the numbers below.

Warm Regards

Jess Wilson
Regional Director

T   07 3170 4610
F   07 3255 2953
M 0488 431 433

9 Wilson Street
West End, QLD, 4101

PO Box 5347
West End, QLD, 4101