Saturday, February 18, 2023

                                      Hi everyone next Saturday is going to be 

                               the First Southside Meeting for 2023.

                             It will be at East Leagues Club, 

                                Main Ave,  Cooparoo, 

                              starting at 12 pm til Approximately  3pm.

                              it will be great to catch up, a few things to discus, 

                            regarding 21st march being The TENTH  ANNIVERSARY

                           of the NATIONAL  FORCED   ADOPTION  APOLOGY, 

                         which The HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER

                         JULIA GILLARD gave to us in  

                         PARLIMENT HOUSE CANBBERRA, 

                        What a truly fantastic day it was  to witness.  

                      the Celebration Morning tea  will be going back to 

                The  RIVERSIDE VENUE at New Farm

                please make sure you let me know if you plan to come 

                 so i can forward an invitation to you.

              Also i need help writing our contribution for this years 

            Reflections to be titled WALKING FORWARD.

                I am open to all ideas, as This is meant to be from 

              ALAS members.

                if you are coming on Saturday 25 of February (next Week), 

                 for more information please phone Trish 0417077159,

             see you then