Monday, May 11, 2020

                                                               Hi Everyone,

                                              Sadly we can't have our Meeting Today,

                                               But lets hope that by June 13th
                                           We will be able to go to East Leagues,
                                       It seems like ages since we last sat around talking,
                                      I have really missed everyone's company.
                                      But like you all i have been busy  gardening,
                                       & spring cleaning, i have no fingernails left,
                                       that we teach me to grow mine so long, it's amazing
                                   how much we have learnt during this shut down.

                                     I hope you were able to make the most of Easter,
                                   being at home doing things totally different.

                                                             I hope many of  you had a lovely

                                                       Mothers Day with either family or friends,

                                                   It was good to have the restrictions eased.

                                                      I visited Jeff & his family in the morning,
                                          so great to catch up with them , & the dogs recognised me!
                                          They gave me 2 plants that i have  wanted for a long time,
                                                    Best of all i got the best Photo of Jeremy
                                               i am going to get it  enlarged &put in a frame.

                                                I spent the afternoon with Steven & his family,
                                          we had a great time with another fantastic
                                           Roast,& vegies, with one of my delicious Potato bakes.
                                             i supplied a strawberry & cream cake,yummy
                                               & i got chocolates, my favourite ones,

                                         I don't know about you but isolation has made me appreciate
                               the little things in life, & all my family & friends,& everything that i have

                                      i look at life differently now, my values have changed,

                        I had time  time to  re assess my life & look at what i have achieved,
                        i hope that you are all well' phone me if you want to chat,0417077159
                          till we meet again please take care & stay safe. xxx Trish