Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Heartbreak Ward. " Sunday Truth October 24, 1965

This Newspaper article was found under some old kitchen Lino in my home.
I think it was meant for me to find, as I was one of those "wayward girls," unmarried and pregnant in October 1965.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Apology From Sisters Of Mercy WA

Great news. I found today in my letter box the attached letter, ironic that being Good Easter Friday. When I checked the mail yesterday there was nothing in my letter box. I was incarcerated at what was called St Annes Unmarried Mothers Home in 1973 ( Catholic Run) during the last four months or so of my pregnancy. The hospital at the time was called St Annes in Mt Lawley ( Perth) now know as Mercy Hospital.
I feel such relieve after all these years finally having some acknowledgment and the truth finally revealed at long last from those responsible for snatching my precious baby from me the moment of birth and put up for adoption, ( all illegal as we know) without my permission and express wishes I don't want my baby adopted out.

Yours sincerely Judith WA.