Saturday, November 25, 2023

                                                                      Hi every one 

                                          it is with a very heavy sad  heart that i have to inform

                                              you all of the passing of Marg Hamilton 

                                               on Thursday 23rd Nov'2023

                            Marg put up a good strong fight  against Bile Duct Cancer,

                                           Marg will be fondly remembered by  

                                                her many ALAS Adoption Friends,

                                                 Myself & Marg were able to educate &  

                                                  change  so many peoples minds  on Adoption .

                                                We told the whole horrific truths 

                                         about what happened in the Mother & Baby Homes 

                                    Myself & Marg were instrumental in achieving  

                                 The  ALAS WORLDS FIRST 

                       HOSPITAL  FORCED  ADOPTION APOLOGY 

                            19/ 06/ 2009 

                    From the Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital  Apology 

                  HISTORY SHOWS

              our  many other Forced ADOPTION Apologies soon followed.

               ALAS can count the Roma Street Parklands Memorial Site 

                 as an ALAS achievement. 

 Where some of us will be on MONDAY 27th At 9.15 am

   for The Rose Laying Ceremony. & a few Speeches, 

Later for lunch at a local hotel  more info

please phone Trish 0417077159


Wednesday, October 25, 2023

                                  Hi everyone the Next ALAS meeting at 

                                        4 Mile Creek  Hotel


                                  Tuesday November 7 th Melbourne Cup day, please read the notice 

                        below for further    details or Phone Trish 0417077159. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

                                                   Hi Everyone  The Christmas Lunch 

                                                       Sat 2 nd Dec will be 

                                                at The 4 MILE CREEK HOTEL


                                               Please be there for 11.45 for a 12 pm Start

                                                I have booked a table for 12 

                                                & a table for our SECRET SANTA.

                                              The table will be decorated with 

                                               Bon, Bons /  Crackers.

                                                A Small tree,

                                              We will be exchanging Christmas cards.

                                      There will be a CHRISTMAS  LUNCH  MENU or 

                                                the Normal Menu

                                            the choice is yours,

                                 as usual everyone pays for their own food & drinks.

                              for more information please phone Trish

                                 0417077159. please rsvp by 20/11/2023


                                                   Hi everyone, just a CHANGE to 

                                                    NEXT Tuesdays meeting


                                     Still at 4 Mile Creek Hotel, Strathpine, 12pm start.

                      I didn't realise it was Melbourne Cup Day, until  Trish told me

                      So  i popped in And booked a table for 6 our usual table . 

                       we will have the choice of either the usual Menu or if

                                you want to treat yourself there is 

                                       The MELBOURNE CUP  Special, 

                                                   2 courses $39.95

                                                  or 3 courses $49.95 , 

                            for more information please call  Trish



Saturday, September 30, 2023

                                 Well members its nearly time to meet again

                               Next Saturday we will be meeting at the 

                              East Leagues Club

                              Main Ave , Cooparoo. at 12 pm until approx 3 pm.

                              Has Anyone Any ideas on where we can hold our 

                              Christmas Lunch?

                              Also we need to discus the 27 th November, 11 th Anniversary of the 

                                Queensland Forced Adoption Apology. 

                            Also will we meet on the 25 th October at Maple Lane to 

                            acknowledge infant &  baby loss day, like we did last year?

                             Also need to inform members of the up coming 

                           proposed incorporation  changes due in next year.

                            please call me for more information.


                           Just a reminder that everyone pays for 

                                 their own food & drinks.

                        looking forward to catching up with you all.. 

                take care

Friday, September 1, 2023

                                                      Hi everyone this Tuesdays meeting is 

                                                       at Maple lane

                                                    Taigum Shopping Centre ,

                                                      corners of Church & Beams Rds Taigum

                                                       12 pm, for lunch & catch up chat. 

                                                     a few things to discus about the future.

                                                           this is also our  late AGM .

                                                     I am still trying to find an alternative 

                                                     Christmas venue, any ideas , 

                                                  we will still keep the secret Santa at $10.00.

                                                  Trish has already supplied the Bon bons

                                                   & we will be exchanging Christmas cards as usual.

                                                     any other ideas? for more information

                                                please phone Trish 0417077159. see you on Tuesday



Wednesday, June 7, 2023

                                             Hi Everyone CHANGES to NEXT 2 MEETINGS.

                                        This Saturday 10th June POSTPONED

                                           NEXT MEETING IS

                      4 MILE CREEK HOTEL STRATHPINE 

                                Tuesday June 27th at 12 pm

              please be aware our membership fees are due.

Trish has agreed to stay on as 

Treasurer / Secretary for another year. thank you

    The meeting after this one is on Saturday 22 JULY


For more information please phone trish 0417077159  

Thursday, May 11, 2023

                             Hi everyone this site has been down for hours.

                               This Tuesday 16th May's Meeting  is at Maple Lane

                              Taigum Shopping Centre corner of Beams & Church Rds.


                               just a reminder the Annual membership fees are due, 

                              they  have been kept at  $ 20.00..

                              It is time to talk Christmas Celebrations  PLANS.

                         Trish has decided to Retire as Treasurer / Secretary,

                             is their anyone else who would like to take on the role? 

                          Please contact Trish 0417077159

                           it will be nice to catch up with the North side members & 

                   talk about the 10th Anniversary Celebration held earlier in March.

             It is also Celebration of RWBH Apology May 19th 2009

                              & the Sisters of Mercy Apology.12th May.

                              See you all on Tuesday. Contact Trish 0417077159.


Friday, March 31, 2023

                                       Hi everyone so sorry sadly 

                                 this Saturday 's meeting at East Leagues 

                                  has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances

                                   we will re schedule for later  in April.

                                I hope you all have a good  Easter, 

                                sadly i won't be eating my usual treats.

                                  Dental work has left me a few unwanted side effects.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

                                Hi everyone, just a reminder that next Sat 1/04/2023 , 

                                   We are meeting at East Leagues Club , Main Avenue 

                                         Cooparoo, at 12pm until approximately 3pm.

                                           So much to talk about after our successful 

                              !0 th Anniversary of the Forced Adoption Apology Celebrations.

                                       Both in Canberra & New Farm.

                                It was so good to have Linda there with me,& we went to Dinner 

                                        looking like two special  Ladies.

                                  our transport to & from events was interesting.

                                     please remember everyone pays for 

                                      their own food & drinks.

                                        for more information please phone Trish,


                                           see you then.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

                                                           Hi Everyone this Tuesday 7th March 

                                                              is our first meeting for 2023

                                                               at 12pm at 

                                                             FOUR MILE CREEK HOTEL


                                                     There are a few things we need to discus

                                                 like our reflection to be on display

                                               at the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of 



                 I will forward the invitations to you all when they are printed.

                 also we need to discus membership fees due in May.

                  should i   approach the new owners of the Golden Ox 

                  to be sure of their type of Christmas  menu & 

                     if we can still hold the same type of event there.

                           other things we need to discus as . 

                    Trish H would like to retire as Treasure, joint secretary 

                  does  anyone else want to be treasurer / joint secretary?

                   position would take effect 1st June 2023.

              i hope to see you all there for a good catch up it 

               seems so long since Christmas

              please be aware that as a non for profit group we ask 

              everyone pays for their own food & drink .

              for more information 

                please contact trish 0417077159.


Saturday, February 18, 2023

                                      Hi everyone next Saturday is going to be 

                               the First Southside Meeting for 2023.

                             It will be at East Leagues Club, 

                                Main Ave,  Cooparoo, 

                              starting at 12 pm til Approximately  3pm.

                              it will be great to catch up, a few things to discus, 

                            regarding 21st march being The TENTH  ANNIVERSARY

                           of the NATIONAL  FORCED   ADOPTION  APOLOGY, 

                         which The HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER

                         JULIA GILLARD gave to us in  

                         PARLIMENT HOUSE CANBBERRA, 

                        What a truly fantastic day it was  to witness.  

                      the Celebration Morning tea  will be going back to 

                The  RIVERSIDE VENUE at New Farm

                please make sure you let me know if you plan to come 

                 so i can forward an invitation to you.

              Also i need help writing our contribution for this years 

            Reflections to be titled WALKING FORWARD.

                I am open to all ideas, as This is meant to be from 

              ALAS members.

                if you are coming on Saturday 25 of February (next Week), 

                 for more information please phone Trish 0417077159,

             see you then


Saturday, January 14, 2023

                                      Happy New Year.

                          I hope everyone had a good Christmas & a Happy New Year 

                            mine was quiet, but very enjoyable, 

                      family time with the younger grand children.

                        I also  went to the sales ,& got some good bargains.

                    i hope you all  had a good time  relaxing & enjoying yourselves.

                      It will be good to catch up at our first meeting for 2023 

                      which is next Tuesday the 17 th  January


                      at Maple Lane Cafe , Cnr Beams & Church Rds 

                              Taigum.  11.45 for a 12pm start. 

                       please phone me if you are coming 

                       so i know how many places  to book ,

                     There is a good selection to choose from & 

                        the food is very reasonably priced.

                     this cafe gets very busy  it's popular.

                    please remember that everyone 

                    pays for their own food & drinks

                   First on the agenda will be the up & coming 

               10th Anniversary of the Federal Forced Adoption Apology

                due on March 21st,

         it doesn't feel like 10 years since we were in Canberra to hear

          Our Prime Minister the Honourable  Julia Gillard

       gave us that fantastic Forced Adoption Apology 

     I will never forget hearing her say the  practice was  ILLEGAL.

    i have never Jumped to my  feet so quickly  cheering & clapping 

    as loudly as i could, But  i also BOOED as loudly as i could  

  when Abbott said what he did i was demanding he apologise to us all.

He was terrified of a handful of us women the next morning 

at the airport trying to run inside as quickly as his legs go.

Well ladies it will be good on Tuesday to see you all.

for more info please call me on 0417077159