Friday, October 5, 2012

Meeting for 6th October has been cancelled

Due to the stress and trauma caused by the meeting with Minister Tracy Davis to discuss the content of an apology for torced adoption on 3rd October, our ALAS meeting has been cancelled.
Minister Tracy Davis asked along adoptive parent, Mary Cullar to the discussion wothout informing mothers and adoptees who this person was.
Once again, the Department of Child Safety has again treated mothers and adoptees with no respect and with total a betrayal of trust.
Minister Davis did not inform us that this adoptive mother was going to be present.
It would not have been acceptable!


Anonymous said...

once again .lies . betrayal,broken trust,lack of respect,but Tracy is meant to be knowledgeable, educated .compassionate as in the role of Minister for Child Safety.What a joke""


Marea said...

What a joke this minister is, I cannot believe that she could do something as cruel as this.
Isn't she listing to what we are all about Us Mothers who lost our Babies to adoption.!