Tuesday, October 16, 2012


ABC Open invites you to share your story with the ABC

You’re invited to share a part of your story which tells the audience something about what happened to you, and the effect on your life.

It could be about the moment of separation, or the impact on your everyday life since.

Please avoid using real names (such as of doctors or social workers) if there is a risk of defamation.

We’d like to limit the stories to up to 300 words.

Each story is accompanied by a photo of your choice. It could be a personal photo of you in the past or present, or it could be a more abstract photo. (a heart, rosemary for remembrance, etc)

The photo needs to be a digital photo file, like a .jpeg.
If it’s a printed photo, you could scan it or take a photo of it with a digital camera.

The Separated project will display on the ABC Open website from October 11 onwards.

1.     on the computer, write down the experience you’d like to share

2.     look for a photo to go with the story

3.      go to the ABC Open website http://abc.net.au/open and register. (the link is in the top right corner). You need an email address to register. Make a note of your password.

4.      Go to the ABC Open website and login with your email and password.

5.     Go to Projects > Separated > Get involved.

6.     Copy and paste your story in, (CHECK) and upload your photo.

7.   Hit SUBMIT

8.    After being moderated (checked), your story will display on the ABC Open website.

ABC Open Producer Jane Curtis can help with any questions you might have, big or small.

Please email her
curtis.jane@abc.net.au or call (03) 5440 1739 or 0428 116 294.

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