Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Queensland Apology.

In Queensland, we are waiting to hear what the Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman will include in his apology.  We believe this apology will be delivered at the end of November.
 From the Senate Inquiry,the recommendations which would assist with the development of an apology are as follows;

(3) The committee recommends that state and teritory governments,( this if focused on governments),that administered adoptions should issue formal statements of apology that acknowledges that were illegal or unethical, as well as other practices that contributed to the harm suffered by many parents whose children were forcibly removed and by the children who were separated from their parents.

(5)The committee recommends that official apologies should include statements that take responsibility for past policy choices made by institutions' leaders and staff, and not be qualified by reference to values or professional practices during the period in question.

ALAS would like  this to be a genuine, comapssionate  and heartfelt apology given by Premier Newman the words which should be include, immoral, illegal policies and practices, unethical policies and practices.

The damage and trauma caused to mothers and adoptees is a life sentence.

We know fathers and other family  members were affected too, but it started with  separation at birth by cruel and inhumane treatment given to mother and baby.

In Queensland there were over 35,000 adoptions!

Premier Newman needs to give an apology which surpasses previous governments apologies. We do no want our apology to be, JUST ANOTHER APOLOGY, we want and demand it to be, an honest and sincere apology and the best apology ever.

        Please Premier Campbell Newman, show us you care.

Closing date to have your say is 11th October 2012.

Mail: Adoption Apology
GPO Box 806

Phone: 1800 647 983 to have your comments noted
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Marea said...

I agree wholeheartdly with the above post from the Committee for QLD to offer the sincerest apology and to outline the Immoral, illegial, unethicial removal of our babies at birth.
Hopefully it will not be just an apology with just words like N.S.W.
May as well not give one in that case.