Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mothers who could not name their babies

Therese asks:
How many mothers were told that they could not name their babies so their original birth certificate has no name listed?
Would like to hear your comments.

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Lorraine said...

If you gave birth at the Redcliffe Hospital in Qld. your baby was referred to as Baby......You were not permitted to name the child.
However, if you gave birth at The
Royal Women's Hospital in Brisbane, you were required to name the child. I originally was in a home for mothers at Graceville, so had selected a name for my child......Paul Joseph if it was a boy.
I transferred to a home for mothers at Redcliffe, & expected to
have my child at the Redcliffe Hospital. Consequently, when advised of the rules at the local hospital,accepted the fact that I could not name my child. However, when I went into labour, Redcliffe Hospital had no beds available.
NO ROOM AT THE INN...I now know how Mary felt on Christmas Eve so long ago. I was taken to the Royal
Women's Hospital where I gave birth to a son. I was so fragile after the birth, that I did not ask
the sex of my child.
I had to ask the woman who came around 4/5 days later to register the birth what the sex of my baby was. She said she needed a name for the baby immediately, I simply blurted out the christian name of my babies father, instead of my chosen name of Paul Joseph,which meant a great deal to me at the time. It saddens me to this day, as
I have been unable to have any other children. I lost my baby & his idenity. His original Birth Certificate shows a name, I was forced to choose under duress.