Friday, July 31, 2009

St Mary's Home Toowong

I was in St Mary's home in 1966 and would be interest in hearing from anyone who was there about the same time to share their experiences.


Anonymous said...






The above are homes within the Brisbane region. We would like to hear from ladies who stayed in any of the above. It would be lovely to catch up & perhaps renew heartfelt friendships which were formed during one of the most important periods of our lives.

Kaye Suthers

julie said...

I was in St Marys Toowong in 1973.
Mrs Stein and Miss Mcdonald were in charge at the time.

Unknown said...

I was in St Marys from 1973 to 1976. Mrs Stein was the first person to ever make me feel human.She believed in me.It still brings tears to my eyes at 50 years old how lucky I was to come in contact with the lovely lady. I think a Miss Robertson was there also. There were other department of children services girls there as well as unwed mothers who had to make up there minds to keep or giveaway their babies. Torres Strait Islanders doing Child Care courses ans special needs girls.
Alot of my child hood is just a black whole but I do remember Mrs Stein and roast Chicken when the priest came on Thursday nights sometimes. And that Mrs Stein loved bowls. It would be interesting to hear from someone else who was there with me. love Sue Free

julie said...

Are you sure you have the right St MAry's? There were only unmarried mothers there in 1973 when I was there. There were no visitors from priests on Thursdays. I believe St Mary's Toowong was an Anglican owned home. Also Mrs Stein encouraged mt parents to make me give up my baby. No choice there. It was in Bent Street toowong.

Anonymous said...

I lived at st Mary's toowong 1989/90 - Mrs Carnegie was in charge. Is there anyone else who lived there around that time? It was not the best of places at that time.

yvonne johnston said...

i was in the shield street home for unmarried mothers and would love to catch up with anyone else that was there around 1969-1970 my email address is

Dorelle Downs said...

I was at St Mary's home in 1970 and would love to hear from any others who were there about the same time, as it would be great to communicate with others who have been through the same experiences. It still hurts even after so long having to give up my son.

Beth Sayer said...

My Birth Mother resided at St Marys Home Toowong in 1952 awaiting my Birth. I was born at Brisbane Womens Hospital on October 16th, 1952 - I was named on my Birth Certificate, Donna Mary. I have not provided my Birth Mothers name but I do know it. She was 30 years old. I would love to contact her : )