Thursday, February 6, 2014

St John's Cathedral service 9th February 2014. 9 30am.

         The Very Revd. Dean Peter Catt.
        ALAS member, Trish, Marg and Glenda.
The special rose,"The Children's Rose" and the plaque.

These photos were taken at the Liturgy held at St John's Cathedral 12th February 2013. They represent a special event for all effected by forced Adoption and for the women who were in Church homes in Queensland.The plaque is the only memorial in Queensland to be a permanent display  for the victims of these terrible polices and practices.
Members of ALAS Australia, along with the then team leader of PASQ, Susan Kelly, worked with St John's to achieve the first ever service dedicated to Forced Adoptions.
We are very proud of this achievement. There will be special mention  of forced adoptions at this Sunday's Services, 9th February 2014.
We hope the people never forget the traumatic practices that took new born babies from their mothers at birth and permanently separatedf families.
We hope that Queensland's Government follow the lead of the church and agree to a permanent memorial in Brisbane to help with the healing process. A place to reflect.

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