Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March in March Brisbane,

This is a photo of the protesters. There must have been over 10,000 who marched. While many had their agendas ours was simple
.Glenda, Marg and Trish were there. Our posters read, TAKE OUR REMEMBRANCE DAY, NOT IN MY NAME MR ABBOTT.We had the emblem from the National Apology for Forced Adoptions 21st March 2013. For all who are unaware, Tony Abhbott has given this date to the Afghanistan Veterans. We have been in contact with the Veterans and they did not know that this was a special day for people affected by forced adoptions. We are in communication with the Veterans. Tony Abbott, seems to have forgotten that, along with Julia Gillard's apology he also apologised, and even before the 1st anniversary of the apology he has forgotten us.
We were suprised how many people stopped us to find out what our signs meant and we had our photos taken many times.
Although it was an extremely hot day we marched from Queens Park, along George Street, down Adelaide to Edward and then walked up beside the gardens to Parliament House. There we re-grouped for the march back along George street to the park. The march was well organised and ran without incident. We were suprised how little coverage the march was given by all the media.
 Very disappointing effort considering the march was held in all capital cities along with many other large towns.!

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