Friday, September 21, 2012

19 September 2012
The Salvation Army Apologises to People Affected by Forced Adoption
The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory (NSW, Qld & ACT) would like to offer its most
sincere apology to the many mothers, fathers, and babies who are now adults, for the role we played in the policy of forced adoptions in the past and the continuing impact this policy may have had on the lives of those affected.
We are aware forced adoption practices did occur previously, in homes and hospitals operated by The Salvation Army in NSW and Qld, to mothers and babies in our care during this period and we are sensitive to the huge impact on many lives that societal and organisational policies and practices in adoption have had.
The Salvation Army will continue to work with mothers, children and the federal and state governments as we seek to resolve the long term consequences of Australia’s former adoption policies.
The Salvation Army has been working with adoption support groups and individuals to address issues relating to these policies and practices with the aim of bringing closure and healing for what has been a traumatic life experience.
The Salvation Army also offers, and has offered for some time, a Family Tracing Service. This service is available to individuals who were adopted or relinquished a child for adoption, in NSW (Special Search Services), in Queensland (Post Adoption Services) and the Australian Capital Territory.
The Salvation Army encourages any individuals who wish to discuss their experience to contact
us on the following numbers:
Please call 1300 136 501 or email: (NSW, QLD & ACT). People in
other areas of Australia please call (03) 8878 4765.
Media contact:
The Salvation Army Media Office, (02) 9266 9820 (diverts after hours)
Communications and Public Relations Department
140 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (PO Box A229, Sydney South NSW 1232)
T 02 9266 9820 F 02 9266 9600

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