Tuesday, July 10, 2012

South Australain Legislative Council/ Wednesday 18th July 2012.

Notices and Order of the day: Private Business.

Page 5

31. Adjourned debate on motion of the Hon. T. A. Franks -That this Council -

1. Acknowledges that previous Parliaments and Governments share responsibility for the application of some of the policies and processes that impacted upon unmarried mothers of adopted children, and now apologises to the mothers, their children and the families who were adversely affected by these past adoption practices and expresses its sympathy to those individuals whose interests were poorly served by the policy of those times.
II Calls on the Premier to move a formal statement of apology in the Parliament in relation

(a) past adoption practices for which it is now recognised that, for a significant part of the 20th Century, the legal, health and welfare systems and processes then operating in South Australia meant that many pregnant unmarried women were not given the appropriate care and respect that they needed and were sometimes coerced to give up children for adoption; and

(b) processes, such as the immediate removal of the baby following birth preventing bonding with the mother, which are recognised, in many cases, to have caused long-term anguish and suffering for the people affected - (March 28) - (The Hon. G. A. Kandelaars).

32. Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration (Registration of Still-Births) Amendment Bill (No. 37): adjourned debate on second reading - (March 28) - (The Hon. C. Zollo)4.

33. Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Mandatory Imprisonment of Child Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill (No. 42): adjourned debate on second reading - (April 4) - (The Hon. S. G. Wade)2.

34. Children's Protection (Long-term Removal Review Panel) Amendment Bill (No. 43): adjourned debate on second reading - (April 4) - (The Hon. G. A. Kandelaars)2.
Taken from South Australain Legislative Council pages.
ALAS has been informed that the apology will take place betwween 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock Adelaide time.

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