Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Australia is Leading the Way.

The Movement for an Adoption Apology

Parliamentary Public Meeting & Lobby of MPs
  3pm Tuesday July 3rd 2012

Room E at 7 Milbank (a 10-minute walk from Westminster Tube, past Big Ben)

Seeking An Apology for Forced Adoptions

There will be opportunities for discussion with MPs

For many years until at least the 1980s pregnancy outside marriage was considered an outrage. Tens of thousands of vulnerable unmarried mothers to be were pressurised by the authorities and religious institutions into having their babies adopted or placed in care. They were denied information about available welfare services and financial help.. These women were not found to be unfit mothers, yet were subjected to humiliating, cruel and sometimes criminal practices.

The West Australian parliament has apologised to Australian mothers who were similarly ill-treated and the South Australian parliament is set to follow suit on July 18th. We seek a full government apology and a government enquiry into the full extent of these unethical practices and their effects. We call on all the religious institutions, which participated in these practices in the UK and Ireland to follow the example of the Catholic Church in Australia and to issue a full and public apology.

Join us at the House of Commons
(entrance at 1 Parliament Street, Westminster)
Please ask your MPs to attend so you can make personal representation to them.

Call on your MP to support Early Day Motion 92

 Contact the Movement for An Adoption Apology at maanpn@gmail.com

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