Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Support from Aboriginal Elder

Apology Alliance has received a fax from the much esteemed,
Initiated Yuin Elder, Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison offering his support to the Apology Alliance and all member groups in gaining an apology for the White Stolen Generation.

Uncle Max's words,

To Whom It May Concern

As an Aboriginal Elder, I fully understand the pain and suffering that has been done to my people in the past, and the traumatic times that we have endured.

I applaud the Prime Ministers apology to our mob, but what about the White Stolen Generations that has suffered the same fate.

I know many white people who has went through the same pain.

So why can't this government do its healing again, and apologise th the White Stolen Generation to bring closure to all this suffering.

As we walk the same land,
Breathe the same air
Drink the same water.

Signed by
Yuin Elder Max Dulumunmun Harrison

Apology Alliance has humbly and gratefully accepted this support from Uncle Max in his capacity as Indigenous Elder.

ALAS, as one of the member groups, would also like to send our thanks and appreciation to Uncle Max.

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