Friday, November 27, 2009

We believe this to be the very First Apology to Adoptees

Congratulations to members of WASH (White Australian Stolen Heritage) on receiving an Apology for all Adoptees seeking an apology.
Some ladies from ALAS had the privilege of watching Professor Ian Jones, on behalf of the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital present to Victoria Fitzpatrick and Kerry Saint a long awaited apology. A very disappointed third member of the team, Therese Hawken was unable to attend due to illness.

The letter from the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital reads,

To The White Australian Stolen Heritage (WASH) group and all Adoptees seeking an apology.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for meeting with me at the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital and sharing your experiences of being an adopted one. I was saddened to hear how half truths,lies, feelings of abandonment, lack of knowledge of your origins and missed opportunities to grow up and be with your siblings, have and continue to adversely affect your lives, and many other lives of those who are near and dear to you.

Our open, honest and obviously painful discussions have helped me to understand how you have been denied the right to experience the natural relationship between you and your mother, your siblings and extended family because of the practices in place at the time of your birth. Some of you were subjected to many different types of abuse; from being denied contact with your mother and by the family in which you were placed.

In this regard on behalf of the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital, I acknowledge the hurt and suffering you have described and sincerely apologise for any ill treatment you experienced while in hospital by being taken and denied contact with your mother at the time of your birth.
For similar reasons I have also apologise to those families who have experienced hurt and suffering through the tragic and harmful effects caused by adoption.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Ian Jones
Obstetrician and
Executive Director
Women's and Newborn Services
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

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Anonymous said...

Suppose there was none from the Asgrove Private Hospital. I gave birth to daughter, 9th June 1966. Using my real name, "Pamela Weatherhead."

I was not supposed to go down town Brisbane without a companion, otherwise I had 'tail,' I believe was Qld Police Member.. What about their part in all this? They were Obeyed the Government of the Day!

I was busy working in the early 1990's to 2003.. Casual or Part-time. Had a brief visit from 'young lady who worked for Police Department' claiming to be said daughter, but had no contact since. People don't want to Know!
Too Long ago...

We are not allowed to speak to others how we were spoken to...
& treated. Psychologists will often steer me to regions where I do not want to go.. Manulipitive
rather than helpful.