Sunday, April 29, 2018


                                                   Attention Everyone!

                                     An Inquiry into Why More Children   in Care

                                        are not being placed for Adoption 
                                      we need you all  to write  a  Submissions.

                                                      For more details please


                                      Policy and Legal Affairs Localadoption/

                                      Terms of Reference.

                                        Please respond asap!

                       Adopt Change want's as many children as it can  from
                               Foster  care  to be Taken for Adoption.

                    This Inquiry was called 6 days after our 5 th Anniversary

                   Celebration for The Governments Forced Adoption Apology

                  & 4 years since  The Then Prime  Tony Abbott
                     Stood up in front of the media   &

                  announced that Debra lee Furness, James Packer & Rupert Murdoch

                  Had each  donated 4 million to his government

                     to fast track Adoption.

                  This has shocked us all & caused so much trauma & PTSD.
                   if you need or want to talk me,0417077159

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