Saturday, November 19, 2016

                                              IN  QUEENSLAND  NOVEMBER 2016

                               Really good news the Veto law was changed,as from last week ,
                            There are no longer Fines or Jail time,if a person  breaks a Veto.
                                  If  you make contact
                                  & the other person does not  want  contact &
                                      they contact the department
                                       they  will be  advised

                               to apply for a  AVO  which means going to court

                              & telling a judge why they don't want contact.

                          This is the final part of the law changes i  started out  in 1968,

                       It is a strange feeling to know i can walk away from having to Battle,

                      Just for our own  Information from the Contact Register in 1987

                       til  our Information   laws changed in 1990, which saw most of us

                       pay $50.00 for our own information,which seemed to only get half of

                       access a page here & there, til in 2010 we finally changed laws again

                      that's when  Post  Adoption  support  Queensland   was formed by the

                      Labor Government,

                     We kept the lobbying going all along hoping we would get an end
                       TO THE VETO"S



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