Friday, March 22, 2013

PM apologises for 'dark period in nation's history'

ABC News (Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:23pm AEDT) "Prime Minister Julia Gillard has delivered a national apology to victims of forced adoption practices that were in place in Australia from the late 1950s to the 1970s.
More than 800 people affected by forced adoptions gathered at the Great Hall in Canberra for the historic occasion"

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Helen Lindstrom said...

Dear Trish, I was so pleased to read your comments in the media. As a mother I, too, felt disgusted and overwhelmed by the fact that the Leadership Spill occurred on that day.
I was prepared to 'let it go' to concentrate on the very positive actions and intent of the day; on the wonderful speech by Julia Gillard, the camaraderie of the event.
However, when I read Simon Crean's rejoinder that he 'had to do it' that 'he had no choice' or words to that effect, I just felt so angry.
Those words resonated with me - weren't they similar to the words used on us to coerce us (and worse) into giving up our children?
This is an example, once again, of patriarchy at work; of women's experiences being washed away and silenced.
I was so pleased to see your comments in the media. I guess I do not feel worthless though - let us not allow this incident to mar the historic day.
Nonetheless, I am so glad that you raised this issue and brought it to the public's attention.
I have just emailed Simon Crean to tell him of my disappointment.
Thanks again,
Helen Lindstrom