Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New South Wales Is Joining The Other States With An Apology For Forced Adoption Policies And Practices, Why Not Queensland?

In Queensland we have listened to all the other States of Australia apologise to mothers, fathers ,babies,(now Adults) and the extended families for the traumatic and illegal  policies and practices of forced adoption.
In May 2009, Queensland's Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital was the first apology in Australia and we believe the world to acknowledge the trauma caused by their adoption practices.
Since then the Queensland Government has done nothing!

ALAS has spent many years working with the then Minister for Child Safety, Phil Reeves towards an apology with an  outcome that Premier Anna Bligh would give Queensland an apology after the results of the Senate Inquiry.

 With the change of government, ALAS approached the  Minister for Child Safety, Hon. Tracy Davis about an apology and she knew very little of the Senate Inquiry or the recommendations from this inquiry.

This morning we phoned the Premiers office, The Attorney General's office in regards to a Queensland Apology and were told that it wasn't their department that we had to speak to the minister for Child Safety, Tracy Davis.

In other words, we are getting the "run around again".

If you want to see a Queensland Apology please contact the Minister for Child Safety, Hon. Tracy Davis. Ph. 07 3235 4280 .
It is a disgrace that Queensland does not show the same respect to all the people affected by adoption as the other States have done.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly will be contacting Minister Tracy Davis.
What Planet is she on ??
Or for that matter the rest as well
Qld seems to be a country on their own.
I think this is plain ignorance and rude , don't they read what other States of Australia are doing regards apologies for all who have suffered at the hands of the governments for past practices in unlawfully taking our sons and daughters.??