Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our next Meeting Saturday 7th May 2011.

Our next meeting will be held at;
Cannon Hill Tavern ( formally Cafe 1117)
Southgate Rd,
Cannon Hill.
Time; 12 o'clock.
RSVP Trish; 0417 077 159 by 6th May 2011.

The June Meeting will be Wednesday 1st June at Sea View Shorncliffe for lunch to celebrate the 2nd year of our Royan Brisbane Women's Hospital Apology and also the changes to the law regarding accessing information to adoptions.

More information will be available closser to the date.

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punky said...

My Mother spent time at st Mary's between 1964-1965. We have spoke at length about the horrific things that she and the other women there had to endure. I known about the sister mum adopted out all those years ago and I am once again trying to search for my adopted sister. I believe thiS has effected my mother all her life and has never gotten any support or professional counselling, only when I try to get her to talk about how she must of felt. It is inhumane to think that humans could have been treated this way. I feel sad that she has never talked to any one that has gone through the same experiences as her and I think that would help Mum. I didn't know you had a support group/meetings so I would love to take my mum to one of your meetings. Can you tell me a little more about them? Tracy