Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birth Certificate reads: "Baby; Unknown

On Tuesday,14th September 2010, we had the previllidge of witnessing a mother give her baby his name.
This baby is now 35 years old.
A young teenage mum was told she could not name her baby, the reason for this was, she was unmarried.

Many hospitals and court registars took it upon themselves to deny a mother her right to name her baby.
Adoptees grew up with the knowledge that the mothers couldn't be bothered naming them,THEY WERE WRONG.

Yesterday here in Queensland, this couragous and determined mother had her right to name her baby fulfilled.The baby has always had a name but it wasn't officially recognised.
We do not know if it is another "first" but with the help from Births/ Deaths/ and Marriages, this mother had her son's name placed on his original Birth Certificate.
We were told that it is a case by case decision to amend a Birth Certificate but it is not impossible.

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Anonymous said...

All children have the right to their heritage of their name, your name is the only thing that stays on this earth after your gone , nothing else.
How can you be Validated as a human being, being, denied a human right. The Hauge Convention states ALL children have a right to a NAME FROM BIRTH,
Once again a Mother was left in more anguish and suffering .
A fight you should never had to do.