Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Heartbreak Ward. " Sunday Truth October 24, 1965

This Newspaper article was found under some old kitchen Lino in my home.
I think it was meant for me to find, as I was one of those "wayward girls," unmarried and pregnant in October 1965.

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Anonymous said...

More evidence

Anonymous said...

I have the newspaper article. I don't think there needs to be anything more than that.


Pandora said...

Why are the fathers of these children not equally vilified in this article? Oh that's right, boys will be boys. Actually nothing has changed. Silly old me for thinking it may have.Some of these teenage fathers of the 60's are now captains of industry around Australia.Some mothers still carry the mantle of grief & shame especially those who did not have another child.

phoenixmama said...

It is notable that the 'evidence' was gathered from those working in the social work industry - very few girls under 16 in fact gave birth - the average age of most unwed mothers was 19 yrs old. There was also a vigorous campaign underway by various Child Welfare Dept's at the time to promote adoption and stigmatise single mothers. This article is great evidence of that - also publicly acknowledging that "mothers were not allowed to see their babies at the birth" obviously info gathered from the adoption industry and proves once again that this was a policy endorsed by the State govt's and carried out via the hospitals and mother and baby Homes, even though, it was always illegal. Thank you Marg for providing the newspaper article - what a gem of a find - and yes you must have been meant to find it!