Thursday, January 7, 2010


Laws giving adopted children and their birth parents greater access to information about each other are among a raft of measures coming into effect in NSW today.

Community Services Minister Linda Burney said that under the changes, children would no longer need to be 18 before identifying information could be released.

"Worldwide research shows that adopted children benefit enormously from developing a strong sense of identity knowing who they are and where they come from," Ms Burney said yesterday.

"Regardless of how loving and caring the home adoptive parents provide, it's human nature for children to want to know about their history, culture, biological family and possible brothers and sisters. Similarly, birth parents and siblings may want to know about the adopted child."

Ms Burney said there would still be strict controls over the information.

"Before information about an adopted person under 18 years is released, a careful assessment will identify any issues. Records will be checked and adoptive parents consulted."

From The Australian
January 1st 2010.
Jared Owen.

Well done NSW!
Now Queensland,what about us?

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