Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mothers Who Were in Church Of England Unmarried Mother's Homes In Queensland. We would Like To Hear From You.

Mother's who were in Church of England Unmarried Mothers Homes in Queensland  believe we deserve an apology.
You can  make your request directly to the Director of Professional Standards, Brisbane , ph 3835 2266.

We are organising a protest march at St John's Cathedral, Brisbane and we need your support. Contact Trish or Marg  on 0417 077 159 ; 0402 336 480 if you can join us.

You would be welcome to march with us if you are from any church homes.

The illegal treatment and bullying mothers received while in these church homes need to be addressed.

It seems that each Diocese responsibility to issue their own apology and have to be approached individually.


Anonymous said...

I would like to join you in your protest march. I was in the Spring Hill Church of England home during the 60's. I feel that the church has a responsibility to all who passed through their doors, and to the now adult children who had their mothers removed from them.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could join in the protest march as well, but I live here on the Northern Rivers of N.S.W.
I was sent to Qld Holy Cross Unmarried Mothers Home Brisbane.
It was run by The Mercy Nuns ( Catholics) with NO MERCY for all us young girls that slaved in their laundry for our keep to be treated in a less than humane manner for our sins of being pregnant and unmarried, only to pay the price of losing our Babies to the BRUTAL practices of Forced Adoptions.
I will be there with you all in spirit. Thank you all.