Monday, April 22, 2019

                                                        Hi everyone i hope you  have  had a good Easter.
                                                         At last here are the photos from 21 st March
                                                       6th Anniversary Celebrations @ 
                                                          Riverside Venue, New Farm.

Minsters Di Farmer, Grace Grace,Myself,Judy, Kerri,Trevor,& Colleen.

                                         Evelyn, & Heather,& Meredith are with us all in this photo

                                      Minister Di Farmer & myself Trish.
Dorelle,Evelyn,Trish,& Marg. with Claire with baby Nicholas.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

                                                      Hi Everyone There was a computer clinch

                            in my previous post it should have read

                             There  Was  No Mention of my AWARD by the MC or

                           any member who organised the event.

                           My computer has a habit of missing letters

                          & sometimes  2 or 3 letter words.

                                                   Hi Everyone Thursday 6 th Anniversary

                                                   oh it was so hot & muggy  really oppressive
                                                The food was good  as usual.

                                          I did get chance to show all the interested  people
                                           my Governor General's Congratulation letters 

                                             there are so many  letters

                                            that i have put them in a folder,

                                        when  i told  Minister Di Farmer that i had got the OAM
                                        She was so excited She gave me 3 big hugs.
                                     I also got heaps of hugs & many meaningful words
                                    of congratulations from everyone standing near her.

                                    Their recognition made it feel so Proud.

                                   There was mention of the award by the mc.
                              My   phone has been busy  by people

                                Asking why was there no mention of the award?

                              Many people are expressing their disappointment, &
                             disgust,that the opportunity was missed

                           as this was the first time  since the award  that members

                         of the Adoption community were present at this major

                          Adoption event.This has left many people feeling that it was

                         Disrespectful,The excuse given caused me to  contact

                           The Governor Generals office for clarification
                       Where  i was  reassured that I was Officially

                      Awarded the Honor  of OAM on Australia Day's Honor list.

                     Saturday 26 th of January 2019, at 12 am.

                   my name was  placed on Governor Generals official web site.
                    Also  officially placed by the Governor General's department 

                      in the Newspapers.

                Thank you everyone for your support love & care.
                 From Patricia Large  OAM 



Tuesday, March 5, 2019

                                                 Hi everyone the 16 th MARCH meeting has been

                                                 Postponed it's is now scheduled for

                                                Saturday 30 th March 2019

                                                 at East Leagues  Club

                                                  Main Avenue,    Cooparoo

                                               12 pm til approx 4pm

                                                This will be the first meting after the

                                        6th Anniversary Celebration at the Riverside venue
                                       on Thursday  21 st March.f you are planning to attend
                                          please make sure you that you have RSVP
                                            phone 1800210313 or 33586666 ASAP.

                                             for more information please phone trish



Thursday, February 7, 2019


                                                             Hi everyone just a reminder

                                                           Our next meeting is this

                                                        Monday 11 th February.2019

                                                        12 pm til approx 3.30 pm

                                                   at the Four Mile Creek Hotel

                                                     Gympie road, Strathpine
                                              opposite the West field  shopping center.

                                         Many changes & up dates needed &
                                         your ideas &  input is vital to how we go forward.
                                          Because we are a non for profit Charity group.
                                           every one  to pay for their own food & drinks,
                                            there is a good range of seniors meals,
                                   plus coffee & cake deals at a reasonable prices.
                                          The atmosphere is very pleasant
                                            where we can sit & talk  in comfort. 

                                            I have also got copies of the Invitation

                                             to the 6 th Anniversary of the 

                                       Government National Apology for Forced Adoption,

                                      Thursday 21 st March 2019.

                                       10.30 - 12 noon.

                                         Riverside Reception Centre.

                                         50 Oxlade Dr,New Farm .

                                         booking essential by Monday 11 th March

                                            phone 1800210313 or 0733586666
                                          For more information on our meeting

                                           please phone trish 0417077159..

Saturday, January 26, 2019

                                                       Hi every one today 26/1/2019

                                                  I have been awarded the

                                                Medal of the Order of Australia

                                                For service to the community

                                                  through social welfare initiatives

                                               this is for  my work in Alas

                                             & adoption .i get the medal

                                              later, but i do have the paper work & its

                                              printed in the courier mail

                                         thank you to everyone who nominated me.

                                       I feel so proud when i look back on all

                                     Law reforms & changes that i took part in

                                      over the last 50 years.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

                                                Hi everyone thanks to everyone who came to

                                               East Leagues Club it was a lovely meeting.

                                            Our next meeting is

                                           Monday 11 th February  at 12 pm  til approx 4 pm

                                              Where Four Mile Creek Hotel

                                             Gympie road , Strathpine,

                                            opposite the shopping center.

                                          So much to discuss,

                                        Some changes to the operation of the group?.

                                        Will need majority approval & input.

                                         Also catch up on the arrangements

                                           & plans for this years 6th Anniversary of the

                                           National Forced Adoption Apology.

                                      for more information please phone trish