Monday, February 8, 2021

                                                                     Hi everyone 

                                                              just a memory jogger, 

                                                              that it's this Saturday, 13th February 2021

                                            we will be having our first  Meeting  for 2021

                                                         East Leagues Club,

                                                       Main avenue, Coorparoo.

                                                        at 12 pm .

                                                 please RSVP  to trish 0417077159.

                                              Looking forward to catching up it seems such a 

                                              long time since our Christmas lunch, 

                                              there's much to discuss re what's going on this year

                                               if Corona 19 leaves us all alone with no more 

                                             isolation- lockdowns. we should be able to hold 

                                               Anniversary events on March 21st as usual

                                             it will be 8 years since our then Prime minister

                                                JULIA GILLARD gave us that historical 

                                             Forced Adoption Apology,  Time has flown,

                                               More info at meeting, 

                                         Our  8th March Meeting is on International Woman's Day 

                                         please wear Purple & Green, more info contact Trish.

                                       as we are a non for profit group, 

                                  Everyone to Pays  for their own food & drinks, thank you.

                          looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, Take care & stay safe.


Saturday, January 9, 2021

                                                               Hi everyone  we have to 

                                                             CANCEL this MONDAYS Meeting

                                                              at Four Mile Creek Hotel.

                                                       Due to LOCK DOWN in Brisbane.


                                                  i will contact everyone when we can meet again


                                                        Hopefully February.

                                                    Take Care Stay Safe

                                                   if you need to talk or contact me please 

                                                     phone 0417077159


Thursday, January 7, 2021


                                                      Hi Everyone, Happy New Year 2021

                                                   I hope you all had a great Christmas,

                                                 I had a quiet Christmas day so lovely with 

                                                My youngest son & his family, so much laughter.

                                               Boxing day was with my middle son & his family,

                                              Very interesting watching the kids with their Lego.


                                               Next Monday is our first meeting  for 2021

                                                We will be meeting at Four Mile creek Hotel,

                                                 Gympie Road, Strathpine, at 12 pm,

                                              Many plans to discuss, amongst ourselves.

                                              Please be aware that every one pays 

                                               for their own Food & Drink, 

                                           Four Mile Creek still has a variety  of 

                                        good value for money, Meals, Coffee  & desserts, 

                                          & the staff are always very friendly.

                                        Look forward to seeing you all,

                                      for more information please contact Trish

                                    Please rsvp to Trish 0417077159 


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

                                                               Hi everyone i hope you are all safe & well.

                                                                This  Saturday 's meeting is at 

                                                         East Leagues Club, Main Ave . Cooparoo.

                                                   if we  meet in foyer at 12pm, & take it from there.

                                       We will be discussing the up & coming event of the

                                      8 th Anniversary of The Qld Forced Adoption Apology                                                                             

                                      Which will be on line instead of in person

                                        Due to the  Covid 19 Virus restrictions, 

                                           Also we are planning to change  

                                              the Date of our XMAS LUNCH 

                                            it will still at The GOLDEN OX 

                                              usual start  time 12 pm,

                                      we can exchange the Christmas  cards.

                                           & have another secret Santa. 

                                           Bon Bons already supplied by Trish H

                                          What about the traditional Chocolates?

                                     We can still celebrate the Anniversary at the same time.

                                       I will try & get us a Rose each to take home.

                                i will try & see if we can re watch the day befores  ceremony. 

                                     on face book, while together.

                               There's so much more to discuss, see you there.

                                for more info please phone Trish 



Friday, June 12, 2020

                                              Hi Everyone due to East Leagues

                                                   still being closed,

                                     URGENT! I need all south side

                                  members to answer my phone calls to you

                                 so i can  arrange another venue.

                                 we have 3 possibles,we need  to book places.

                               The next North Side meeting will be on

                            Mon  June 22 nd at Four Mile Creek Hotel,

                             Gympie Road,Strathpine. At 12pm.
                                as i have booked a table for 6 & 4  members

                               are already is vital that you.

                           Please phone me if you are  planning to join us.

                         The lunch is for 1-1/2 hours as time is restricted.

                      I hope everyone is okay,We have much to discuss.

                    For more information please phone Trish 0417077159


Monday, May 11, 2020

                                                               Hi Everyone,

                                              Sadly we can't have our Meeting Today,

                                               But lets hope that by June 13th
                                           We will be able to go to East Leagues,
                                       It seems like ages since we last sat around talking,
                                      I have really missed everyone's company.
                                      But like you all i have been busy  gardening,
                                       & spring cleaning, i have no fingernails left,
                                       that we teach me to grow mine so long, it's amazing
                                   how much we have learnt during this shut down.

                                     I hope you were able to make the most of Easter,
                                   being at home doing things totally different.

                                                             I hope many of  you had a lovely

                                                       Mothers Day with either family or friends,

                                                   It was good to have the restrictions eased.

                                                      I visited Jeff & his family in the morning,
                                          so great to catch up with them , & the dogs recognised me!
                                          They gave me 2 plants that i have  wanted for a long time,
                                                    Best of all i got the best Photo of Jeremy
                                               i am going to get it  enlarged &put in a frame.

                                                I spent the afternoon with Steven & his family,
                                          we had a great time with another fantastic
                                           Roast,& vegies, with one of my delicious Potato bakes.
                                             i supplied a strawberry & cream cake,yummy
                                               & i got chocolates, my favourite ones,

                                         I don't know about you but isolation has made me appreciate
                               the little things in life, & all my family & friends,& everything that i have

                                      i look at life differently now, my values have changed,

                        I had time  time to  re assess my life & look at what i have achieved,
                        i hope that you are all well' phone me if you want to chat,0417077159
                          till we meet again please take care & stay safe. xxx Trish



Saturday, January 25, 2020

                                                 Hi everyone Happy Chinese New Year
                                        I hope you are all celebrating the year of the Rat.

                                        that just happens to be my year i hope its lucky.

                                            Next Saturday 1 st February at 12pm

                                         is our first South side meeting for 2020,

                                                     East Leagues Club,

                                                     Main st, Coorparoo.

                                        We   Meet in the coffee & cake cafe area.

                                       There is a good range of  drinks, meals,

                                         &  delicious coffee & cake,
                                         As we are a non for profit group

                                 we ask that everyone pays for their own food & drinks.
                                  plenty of parking, & buses pass the door regularly.

                                            So much to discuss it seems like ages
                                             since we last saw one another.

                                       Anyone affected by Adoption is welcome to join us,

                                      please bring a friend if you would like to

                                       especially  if you are coming for the first time,

                                      we are a friendly group of women,
                                     for more information please phone Trish 0417077159