Sunday, October 6, 2019

                                            Just a friendly reminder that our next Meeting

                                      Is next  Monday 14th October 2019.Starting at 12 pm

                                                   At Four Mile Creek Hotel.
                                       Gympie Road,  Strathpine
                              opposite the big Shopping Centre,plenty of parking

                                  The meals are  good & very reasonably priced,

                                              they also have a coffee & cake deal.

                                   as we are a non for profit charity group, therefore
                          everyone is responsible for paying for their own food & drinks,

                           a gold coin donation would be appreciated to help with the
                             running costs of the group.

                             anyone affected by Adoption is welcome to join us
                                 we are a friendly non judge mental group.
                          The Adoption committee are busy planning

                       The 7 th anniversary Celebration on 27 th November,

                       if you would like an invitation  or more information,

                          please either come to this meeting or

                        contact Trish  0417077159, see you all on the 14th,


Thursday, September 12, 2019

                                         Hi everyone

                                       This Saturdays Meeting has been


                                      due to   health reason.

                                     And so many of our lucky members are travelling around

                                   the country, so many lovely photos, you all look to be

                                   having a great time, wish i was there.

                                 Take care, & keep enjoying yourselves.

                                See some you on Monday 14 th October

                                Meeting at Four Mile Creek, Strathpine. At 12pm

                              Please bring your photos so we can drool about your adventures.

                            anyone wanting information please call Trish 0417077159


Saturday, September 7, 2019

                                                              Hi everyone just a reminder

                                                    Next  Saturdays  Meeting  is at

                                                          East  Leagues  Club
                                                  Main  Avenue,    Coorparoo

                                                 time    12  til about 4  pm.

                                           there are a few up & coming events to talk about.

                                          please phone or text Trish on 0417077159

                                           for more information, or  if you attending

                                          then i know what size table to book.

                                          I have got a few photos of the time there

                                     when we celebrated my OAM  lunch to give out.



Monday, August 5, 2019

                                         Hi Every one the Monday August 12  2019 meeting

                                         Is next Monday at 12 pm.

                                          at The Four Mile Creek Hotel

                                          Gympie Road, Strathpine,

                                         Opposite the Shopping Centre.

                                          That Monday is the pine rivers show holiday

                                          a 10% surcharge is usual for
                                             Public Holiday's.

                                          Our Membership fees are also due,

                                           Which we have kept at $20.00.

                                            as we are a non for profit charity group

                          We rely on these Fees & Donations to be able to keep going

                we ask that   everyone is responsible for their own Food & Drinks.

There is much to discus about up & coming events in Adoption over the next year.

For more information please contact Trish on 0417077159.see you all on the 12th.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

                                                             Hi everyone the ALAS July Meeting

                                                               is Saturday 20th  at 12 pm

                                                           Where at  East Leagues  Club

                                                          Main Avenue, Cooparoo
                                                I am back from my 10 days of house sitting

                                              the animals will be glad that their owners are home.
                                               it has been a good break watching Foxtel catching up
                                      on some good television shows, i may inquire to have it myself.

                                              My diary is crammed this next week.

                                                the planning has begun for the next anniversary
                                                the site will look different  this year.
                                               more like what was initially designed for the site.

                                    once again It is that time of year when the membership fees are due

                                               they are still only $20.00.

                                         as we are a non for profit group we rely on our Membership

                                           to keep the group functioning.
                                           for more information please phone Trish 0417077159.


Saturday, June 8, 2019

                                              Hi Everyone, the June Meeting

                                                   has been POSTPONED

                                       It is now Saturday June 22 nd

                                       New Place KEDRON WAVELL RSL

                                       Hamilton Road  Chermside still  at 12 pm.

                                 This will be the first Saturday  after the

                                   Opening of The REMEMBRANCE GARDEN.
                                  At   St MARY's Home Toowong.

                                     As we all know this was initiated  by Marg, & Glenda

                                    after Glenda's Passing away Dorelle kindly stepped to help

                                      into help Marg, Great work girls you have done really well.
                                        working along side the Anglican Church, 

                                  We are  Looking forward to the 19 th june.

Monday, April 22, 2019

                                                        Hi everyone i hope you  have  had a good Easter.
                                                         At last here are the photos from 21 st March
                                                       6th Anniversary Celebrations @ 
                                                          Riverside Venue, New Farm.

Minsters Di Farmer, Grace Grace,Myself,Judy, Kerri,Trevor,& Colleen.

                                         Evelyn, & Heather,& Meredith are with us all in this photo

                                      Minister Di Farmer & myself Trish.
Dorelle,Evelyn,Trish,& Marg. with Claire with baby Nicholas.