Friday, September 24, 2010

Timetable for Western Australian Apology 19th October 2010

Some people outside of Australia have asked me when things are going to take place
on the 19th of October so that they can arrange to acknowledge the apology wherever
they are in the world. The apology is taking place in Perth, Western Australia and
so if you visit the world clock web site you can work out what time it will be where
you are. For those who are interested, this is the plan for the day:

Everyone will meet at the pergola on the southern side of Parliament at 2.00 pm and
then flowers will be laid in the sunken garden for all the children lost to
adoption. At 2.30 there will be a short speech and then one minute's silence will be
observed for all the mothers in Australia and around the world who have lost
children to adoption. At 2.40 everyone will make their way through the main entrance
to the House to hear the apology, which is expected to start at 3.00.

It is likely that the apology will be transmitted live on the government web site at:

Please be assured that those of us who are present for this historical event will be
thinking of all of you who are not able to be there.

Thanks Evelyn for the information

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Unknown said...

Ok, not a subscriber to this site, so fair go.

What I am is the bio-son (in WA) of a mum who is working her head up to turning up on the 19th.

Its a big deal. Pretty hard for her, all the usual issues of shame/grief (not an idiot, I have got her this far :)

I suppose what I am asking for is
- some support about why it is worth her turning up (not grief, she doesn't deserve that. Just why it is worth her effort for others)
- some recognition, of why her turning up can 'stand in' for all those mums who can't.

Give me something.