Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ken Wyatt Thanks Kevin Rudd for his Apology to the Stolen Generation in his Maiden Speech in Parliament

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MARK COLVIN: This evening the nation's first Indigenous Member of Parliament Ken Wyatt has delivered his maiden speech in the House of Representatives.

He's paid tribute to his mother, who was a member of the Stolen Generations and thanked the former prime minister Kevin Rudd who was watching on.

KEN WYATT: When the former prime minister delivered the apology on the 13th of February 2008 in this chamber, I shed tears for my mother and her siblings (holding back tears).

My mother and her siblings, along with many others did not live to hear the words delivered in the apology, which would have meant a great deal to them individually.

I felt a sense of relief that the pain of the past had been acknowledged and that the healing could begin.

Mr Speaker at that point the standing orders prevented an Indigenous response. On behalf of my mother, her siblings, and all Indigenous Australians, I, as an Aboriginal voice, in this chamber say thank you for the apology delivered in the Federal Parliament. And I thank the honourable Kevin Rudd for honouring his commitment to the Stolen Generation.

MARK COLVIN: Ken Wyatt, the nation’s first Indigenous MP, delivering an emotional maiden speech in the Federal Parliament tonight.

ALAS would like to congratulate Ken Wyatt MP on his maiden speech. Ken recognised the importance of an Apology so that the healing could begin.

We hope the Federal Government can do the same for our White Stolen Babies taken from their mothers by forced adoption practices of the past.

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