Sunday, March 20, 2022

                                                          Hi everyone our next meeting is

                                                               Monday 11th April at 12 pm                             

                                                            4 Mile Creek Hotel 

                                                               Old Gympie Rd ,

                                                         opposite the Shopping Centre.

                                             plenty of parking, Buses go to shopping centre 

                                         & Trains are 5 mins away at Strathpine  Station. 

                                          We have much to discus did any of you see 

                                          Dan Andrews  announcement 

                                              on ABC & SBS news.

                                           the Victorian Government is giving the 

                                    Mothers of Forced Adoption COMPENSATION

                                as you Know Marg & i have tried many times to get 

                                        the Queensland Government to sit  And discus 

                                         this action we were constantly told that the 

                                        statute of limitations needed to be lifted first. 

                                         well now there will be a  a precedent.

                                         We all need to Lobby 

                                     All members of the Queensland  Government 

                                    Parliament by that i mean everyone 

                                    who sits in Parliament.

                              if you can get an interview with your local member 

                                  please do as we need to educate them all 

                               on Julia Gillards promise when she gave us 

                                   that world First Government   Forced Apology.

                                Also there are more issues to discus at next meeting

                                  please reply if you are attending next meeting 

                                   so i can book the table, please be aware every one pays for 

                                    their own food & drinks, as we are a non for profit group.

                                         for more information please phone Trish 

                                       0417077159, everyone please take care til we meet again



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