Monday, July 25, 2016

                                                 Last   Thursday the  ALAS  Trailblazers
                                       namely   Trish,  Marg, Janice,& Lorraine,

                                   caught  up with  our good friend  Ian Jones for morning tea

                                at the Shingle Inn Queen  Street, it was a really lovely day a lot of

                              laughter, & happiness,its amazing how our lives  have changed over

                              the last 8 years,& all that ALAS has achieved since our

                           Historic   Royal  Brisbane  and  Women's  Adoption  Apology.

                          the Apology  & Photo sits on the wall,

                         outside the lifts on level  5 Ned Hanlon Building, without that apology

                         we at ALAS  feel we would still be battling the governments for all the

                      other Forced Adoption Apologies if it hadn't been for the action of
                     Professor  Ian Jones & Noelle Cridland.


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