Sunday, February 16, 2014

Federal Apology for Forced Adoption in Australia 21st March 2013.

21st March 2013, Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave this heartfelt apology to victims of Forced Adoptions. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott also gave his apology to these same victims.

We have to ask how sincere was Prime Minister Abbott's Apology?
Even before the 1st Anniversary of our Apology, there seems to be a change of direction now, to promote adoption!

This is part of an article in the Women's Weekly.

With more than 18,000 children in foster care and only 70 adopted last year, Furness described the Australian situation as "critical" and vowed to help lead the charge for "real solutions". She hopes to meet with Prime Minister Tony Abbott later this week.

"Our goal is to double the number of children adopted in Australia and halve the time it takes during this term of government," she said.

"Australia has one of the lowest rates of adoption in the world."

Since talking to Furness about adoption at a dinner event, casino billionaire James Packer has agreed to fund the organisation’s development of a new prospective Australian adoption policy.
Our now Prime Minister Tony Abbott, seems to have a change of face!
We believe, $2 million is the amount James Packer has provided.
Our questions to Prime Minister Abbott are;
Who is receiving this money?
And who is running this country?
Does the prospective Australian adoption policy, come from Furness, Packer or Federal Government?
With 2 million dollars It certainly does not appear to be The Federal Government!
We are confused.
All affected by forced, illegal adoptions in Australia know the ongoing and  devasting trauma from separating mothers and their children is at birth. The loss of identity for the children and their genetic history that has been lost forever. Adoption changes their ancestry history for themselves and for our and their future generations.
While we have been informed that ,"in the best interest of the child"  adoption will be different this time, it will still be at the discretion of the State run Child Protection Dept to determine who is an unfit mother.
As yet no one can give us an answer.

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Glenda N. said...

It's all about to start again. When my baby was stolen from me 49 years ago, it was because I would have been an "UNFIT mother"...Yet I went on to rear two more children who are responsible and caring adults. Hopefully I won't be around to see the backlash of what is going to happen 20, 30 or more years from now.