Saturday, October 13, 2012

Queensland Forced Adoption Apology

This is a letter written by a mother.

As I sat down to write a response regarding the apology for past "forced adoptions," it was very distressing to see the links at the top of the screen.  There were referral links for pro-adoptions; "parents considering adoption for their child."  They are advertisements for adoption and are inappropriate in this format.  I felt a suffocating stab to my heart as I read the adoption referral link and then searched for the forced adoptions link.  The inclusion of a pro-adoption referral link is yet another indication that this request for feedback is devoid of any connection to the reality of the lifelong trauma and grief that has been caused to mothers whose newborn children were stolen for adoption.  The forced adoption link was found in the middle of the screen as if it was of little importance to the department and will probably discourage many grieving mothers and their children from making submissions.  Pro-adoption referral links serve to re-traumatize victims of unlawful adoption practices.

Queeensland Government website.
See our website for more information about the government’s apology for past forced adoptions, including the background to the apology and frequently asked questions.

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Marea said...

I would like to comment on the letter above from the concerned mother. I just had a look at the Wesite in question, now I see what her concerns are.
I think this is appauling to advertise Intercountry adoption also about adopting a child. When we are fighting so hard to have adoption of any sort stamped out.
Shame on the Government website. :(