Friday, September 21, 2012

Salvation ArmyAustralia eastern Territory Apology to people affected by Forced Adoption.

I have just received a call from the President of ALAS - Trish Large - regarding another historical apology.

A week ago I congratulated the mothers of ALAS for their achievement of gaining an apology from the Anglican Church. After several years of hard work they have achieved yet another apology - this time from the Salvation Army. No small feat. The apology will be put up on the Salvation Army National Website to ALAS - possibly tomorrow -

ALAS called for a national apology on behalf of mothers across Australia - for the Salvos to apologise for their involvement in the brutal separation of mothers from their newborns.

What an inspirational and historic achievement - the Salvation Army being a world wide organisation - it is expected their apology will receive world wide attention. ALAS is a member organisation of the Alliance and we are so proud of their achievements and it is a great honour to have them as part of our umbrella organisation of independent groups across Australia working together to achieve recognition and validations via apologies from all those involved in the forced removals or our infants for the purpose of adoption.

kind regards

Chris Cole


Apology Alliance Australia

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