Monday, February 20, 2012

Original Birth Certificates of babies who were later to be adopted.

ALAS Australia Inc asked for the following information.

ALAS is writing to you to obtain conformation on the adoption Act of 1964 in regards to Original Birth Certificates of babies who were later adopted.

We understand that with issuing a second birth certificate, and with the secrecy placed around adoption, that once consent forms were signed and adoption orders made, the privacy law came into place.

However, when our babies were born to us, there was no consent form signed or adoption order in place.
The original Birth Certificate should have been given to the mother as; both mother and baby were free from any form of adoption at that time, (at their birth.)

There was no identifying information about adoptive parents on the original Birth Certificate; in fact there was no involvement at all, as there was no court order in place.

Therefore, we would like to know the reason why a new mother was denied her original Birth certificate for her new born baby. We know the entry of birth happened the next day after the birth while mother was still the legal guardian of her baby.

Where in the law does it state that we were not entitled to have our baby’s legal Birth Certificate from the time of their birth to when the court order came into place? They were OUR BABIES!

Our answer from Brisbane Births, Deaths and Marriages;
Up until the time B/D/M received a copy of the adoption order,THERE WAS NO REASON MOTHERS COULD NOT HAVE THEIR BABIES BIRTH CERTIFICATES.
The reason we did not get them?

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